Day: 2016-12-23

All the Best to All of You - Happy Holiday!

Living Life

I still have time …

when rushing world wants peace
new reborn

… watching the world pass by in front of my eyes …

when war hijacking and terror

… shooting photos, writing diary and poems, drawing and painting pictures …

while creativity makes result
living life

Carpe Diem: #1105 Christmas Oratorio:
Cantata #1 BWV 248 – Mov. 1/9 by J.S. Bach.

BW - St Stephan Cathedral Budapest

A Quiet Watcher

This day – the day before Christmas Eve – we use(d) to call ”Little Christmas Eve”. We tasted the Christmas food. We were allowed to open one present. We had a really cosy evening. That’s how it was. Seems so long ago just now. I  kept this tradition when I had my own family. We even celebrated once in a dry riverbed in the desert in United Arab Emirates. 1983 I think. Now is a different time. ”Yesterday is dead and gone” as Kris Kristoferson sings. My daughters doesn’t eat meat or celebrate Christmas. My son thinks otherwise. More like me.

made christmas dead and gone
empty seats

Since I’m not a believer I don’t celebrate Christmas but I like some traditions. Like spending time together with my family. So I miss that now. Very much.

Some day I will bring my grandchildren to experience the Nutcracker in Budapest. Some day!
Today I went to an contemporary dance performance for children. It was just so very great!

air filled
bubbles of children’s emotions
cracking event

I can also go to church at special occasions – just to watch the rituals people are busy with. As behaviorist I’m very interested – all the time – in people’s behavior and everyday life wherever I am. I’m a quiet watcher.

But not ”quiet” about everyday life relating to politics. Consequences of bad politics I want to highlight. Sometimes also the good. I like to compare Sweden and Hungary as I think they are opposites in EU. I find it interesting to follow. Observe.

children’s welfare and schooling
my life

I think – maybe – it has been a lot about me personally lately. Sometimes it happens. And that’s ok for me – here.

I have had Bach in the background but tonight I’m afraid he didn’t engage me very much.

a red heavy glass of wine
tasting your kiss
full bodied as usual
how lucky I am

Carpe Diem: #1105 Christmas Oratorio:
Cantata #1 BWV 248 – Mov. 1/9 by J.S. Bach.

I think this entry works better with:

Carpe Diem: Seven Days Before Christmas 2016 #7
Twas The Night Before Christmas.

I will make another for Bach 🙂

MÜPA Budapest

Cracking Nut Cracker

Today I went to see the Nutcracker. This was a special performance for children in Budapest. It was performed as contemporary dance and the child perspective was obvious. I enjoyed so much. Think I have never seen something like this. It was just great and I could feel all kinds of emotions in the air. The kids were all swallowed up by the performance – end we grown ups too. At a few occasions the audience was involved. The children especially liked the snow ball war with the actors.
Oh how I would like to bring my grandchildren to see this.

five empty seats
and mine

Snow ball war – I picked up my iPhone to shoot.

Nut Cracker, MÜPA, Budapest

Wonderful dancers!!!! Szeged Contemporary Dance Co.Nut Cracker, MÜPA, Budapest

Outside MÜPA –  the building that changes colors – you also can skate nowadays. See top photo.

Daly Prompt: Discover.

Crazy Art by me - To Myself

Ja-a Jätteglad!

Förra året köpte jag en soppmugg – på julmarknaden – i julklapp till mig. Nu har jag börjat dricka en massa te – grönt Chai-te.
Därför köpte jag …

Lilla flicka
vad ska jag kunna

Kanske en fin ____
med lite tilltugg?

Som jag kan skicka
till dig

-Blir du glad då?
-Ja-a jätteglad!

… en grön temugg full med hjärtan.
Till mig själv i år.

Julklappen 2016

Skrivpuff: Skriv ett julklappsrim
eller ngt som hör ihop med julklappsrim.