True and Rich

true and rich
life filled with meetings
so inspiring

Malmö Dansteater -Rehearsal 20170511.
Skånes Dansteater  – ”The feeling of good.” Open Rehearsal 2017-05-11.
The man sitting is a famous Swedish dancer Rolf Hepp (Sk.Dagbl.).

Inspired by Meeting by Lize Bard.

Falling & Rising

Yosa Buson one of ”the big five” (Basho, Issa, Buson, Chiyo-Ni and Shiki) – was born in Kema Settsu, where several waterfalls can be seen.
from far and near
hearing the sounds of waterfalls
young leaves
© Buson

Waterfalls are beautiful – also poetic, dramatic and a fresh nature phenomena. But – there always is a but – I wouldn’t live close to one. Just think – never a quiet moment!  No I prefer visiting waterfalls and enjoy them – get inspired. Now thinking about the beautiful Brudslöjan – The Bridal Veil – between Sweden and Norway. I visited it once skiing – it was all frozen at that time.

like a veil
hiding the shy flower – water
falls covering

Just came home after an evening with Scottish contemporary dancers. Some days ago I enjoyed dancers from Netherlands. So I am in a good mood. Swaying on my cloud-look-alike surfing board on every named waterfall this minute on Internet. So beware – I will visit yours!

water drops
like surfing pirates – with swords
glistering falling

The first Scottish performance today was extraordinary! Also funny. The audience – and of course I – was so amused. First part they performed as if they were the instruments in an orchestra playing classic music. Adorable! And the funny part about birds seducing each other in a human-look-alike flamboyant way. I took that scen with me home smiling all the way.

male bird
seduced by her breast(s) – head
fell like water

I didn’t meet ”my” favorite choreographer this night. Imagine he is too busy with the premier to soon take place which he told me about last time. He looked really tired then. I’m looking forward that performance in a few days. But – there always is a but – before that I have other events to attend. My schedule is fully booked.

I don’t know why I choose this opposite-kind-of-water-fall …. rising water …


I only use my own photos here and … so sorry ….  I don’t find any falling water only rising. Here is a really strong one:

Båstad vattensport

Carpe Diem #1160 Kema, birth-place of Yosa Buson.

En Slurk av Dans

Igår kväll var jag på en intressant föreställning. Det var ett nederländskt danskompani tydligen välkänt i världen. Netherlands Dance Theatre 2. De framförde tre olika akter. Den första Sad Case upplevde jag som unik i contemporary och jag tänkte tankar som detta är Contemporary – Cartoon style. Så kreativt! Så skickliga dansare. Jag njöt varje sekund. Imponeras alltid av dansares kroppskontroll. Sedan upplever jag alltid dansare som utför sina rörelser och det kan de göra hur bra som helst … men om de inte gör det på ett sätt där de blir ”ett med musiken” … De dansare som nått dit blir mina favoriter. I Sad Case stack framförallt den blonde dansaren ut. Helt sanslöst duktig! Jag vet att jag är en upplevande människa där den speciella känslan blir viktig. Och som jag hoppas på att få uppleva. När jag diskuterade med en av mina favoritkoreografer här – visade det sig att han har samma favoriter som jag. Det kändes som en glad bekräftelse. Trots att jag inte alls är ”skolad” inom området kan jag lita på min känsla – ja så kändes det.

Den sista akten Cacti (Kaktus) var också intressant. Där användes 16 boxar i olika höjder och stora nog för varje dansare att utföra rörelser även liggandes. De fyllde alltså scenen. Boxarna alltså. Dansarna fyllde scenen på ett annat sätt liksom kaktusarna.
Plötsligt fann jag mig själv fångad av boxarna. Konstaterade de olika höjderna. Tänkte då att de är nog skapade för att få plats i varandra. Förenklar transporten. Fyra av varje. Njöt av föreställningen under tiden. Boxarna arrangerades om i intressanta kompositioner. Liksom dansarna.

Nu tänker jag att … liksom en slurk ur ett glas fyllt med härlig somrig juice … blev mina ‘lådtankar’ som en slurk ur en fantastisk dans föreställning.

Sad Case - Netherlands Dans Theater 2.

Skrivpuff: Slurk.

On my way …

I think every single soul have to make up their ”pilgrimage” themselves and I don’t think they shall do i because someone’s telling them to. Not even or – specially not – if some religious figure say so. That’s my opinion.
Do I sound strict? Well I am about certain things 😉

I made one tonight – attending an event – got my soul totally filled …

like flames of fire
hit my heart

… of delightful and very intense music … by …

Boban Markovic
master of the orchestra
king of Balkan

… so now I’m on my pilgrimage … my way.

Ps. Photo from 2016-09-11 and not tonight.

Boban Markovic and his orchestra - Jewish Culture festival, Budapest

Carpe Diem: #1115
Buñuel’s The Milky Way; The Road To Santiago.

Boban Markovic

When my spine crawled out of my body …

extra extra
ordinary tones of culture

Boban Markovic – I love you … and your trumpet! ❤

… see you 3 January 2017 in Budapest … ❤  … 2017


MÜPA Budapest

Cracking Nut Cracker

Today I went to see the Nutcracker. This was a special performance for children in Budapest. It was performed as contemporary dance and the child perspective was obvious. I enjoyed so much. Think I have never seen something like this. It was just great and I could feel all kinds of emotions in the air. The kids were all swallowed up by the performance – end we grown ups too. At a few occasions the audience was involved. The children especially liked the snow ball war with the actors.
Oh how I would like to bring my grandchildren to see this.

five empty seats
and mine

Snow ball war – I picked up my iPhone to shoot.

Nut Cracker, MÜPA, Budapest

Wonderful dancers!!!! Szeged Contemporary Dance Co.Nut Cracker, MÜPA, Budapest

Outside MÜPA –  the building that changes colors – you also can skate nowadays. See top photo.

Daly Prompt: Discover.

Kieselbach Galéria - Winter Auction 2016.

ART – Winter Auction 2016

First I thought I would stay at home. Then I told myself:
-Birgitta, get yourself together! You know you like to be there! Watch people. Look at the art. Have a glas of Champagne. Or two. Dress up a little. Put on the high heels. Even if you have to pay with devil like pain all day after – osteoarthritis in toes – which doesn’t keep me away from walking. I also have good-for-my-feet-walking-boots.

I listened to myself and I didn’t regret doing that. The auction was really interesting and the art as well. This one gave the highest price while I was still there – I left before end.

Two were fighting after 60 000 000 huf where all the others left. It ended up at 170 000 000 huf. It was a stunning painting and framing too. I liked it a lot.
I see now they also choose this as head picture on the Facebook page.

Kieselbach Galéria - Winter Auction 2016.  The auction is very professional and the lady – the auctioneer –  is a talent! I am very fascinated about how she handles all the bids given.

Kieselbach Galéria - Winter Auction 2016.

I can follow the bids on the screen and I try hard to learn Hungarian – very hard.

The catalog is heavy and since it will take hours – I left before end. I walked along the Danube. Shot the Buda Castle as I use to do in evening light. Went on to the Christmas market.

And what do I find in the street beside the great Vigado Consert building!!!

A military tank! With ”POLICE” sign on. Passing people took selfies. I shot the tank. Talked to some Hungarians who didn’t speak English. We didn’t understand what we said to each other but we understood anyway. We felt safe and thought this was very smart. No terrorist lorry could pass here. Me giving the tank a friendly pat.

Police tank at Christmas Market Budapest

Till mina kära skrivpuffarkompisar,
Kan man möjligen hitta någon intressant detalj här – jag hoppas på det. Själv hittade jag en på översta bilden. Tror herrn på den bilden gjorde detsamma.
Ha en finfin dag!


The Glass House, Budapest

Viktoria Halleluja

In Budapest there are always a lot of culture events and performances going on. Both with famous artists and artists to be. In city center there is ”The Glass House” where not so famous artists take the scene and perform. I  often go there. Some days ago it was time for children and I recorded. Viktoria sang Halleluja so beautifully – I think.

children’s voices
tend to fill the christmas air
with carols

 Carpe Diem: Seven Days Before Christmas 2016
#3 Christmas Carols.

Lili Ország show at National Gallery, Buda castle, Budapest

Vilken bravur!

Doris brukade bli så fruktansvärt nervös inför sina scenframträdanden. Men inte nu längre. Inte sedan den dagen hon hade träffat sin gamle folkskollärare. Det var en vanlig tisdag och hon hade varit på så gott humör. Hade hon varit sur den dagen hade hon antagligen knappt sett sin lärare. Bara rusat förbi. Just denna dagen hade hon varit pratsam och öppen. Till och med avslöjat sin förfärliga scenskräck.
-Då ska du få ett råd av mig, hade hennes gamle lärare sagt.
-Tänk ut ett kort ord och hitta på minst tio rimord. Rimma sedan en ramsa med orden och låt sista raden innehålla ordet bravur. Detta ska du börja göra exakt 27 minuter innan du går in på scenen. Lova mig nu att göra detta vid första bästa tillfälle! Det är viktigt!
-Ok! Doris hade svarat av bara farten.
Egentligen tyckte hon det var helknäppt. Inte hade hon gillat läraren särkilt mycket heller i skolan.

Doris ska alldeles strax in på scenen och i huvudet låter det:

att stå på lur
vid en hög mur
i väntan på sin tur
med förvåning pur
beskåda en filur
fängslad i bur
faktiskt väldigt sur
man kan undra hur
den undkom en skur
efter en riktig kur
av ovett i dur
vilken bravur

Ett leende sprider sig i Doris ansikte när hon går mot scenen. ”Bravur” sjunger det i huvudet och hon nästan hör applåderna.


Picture on top – is from tonight’s very interesting performance show – contemporary dance – about the Hungarian artist Lilli Ország. Live piano music and creative settings as complement.
At the National Gallery in Buda Castle, Budapest.
I like a lot when different arts meet choreographed to performance arts. This was my first time about a painter artist. When home and watching TV I heard about a Russian choreographer who just was about to set up a dance about a psychological novel. A lot of cultural creativity going on – how wonderful!

Skrivpuff: Sur.

“Everything you can imagine is real.” Pablo Picasso

Lili Ország show at National Gallery, Buda castle, Budapest