The Snail Walk

awakened in early light
your breath beside – a soft breeze
dove purring in delight

Today is the World Poetry Day … so I have been busy … though tired … and I don’t know why. Didn’t go to the Philosophy Cirkel tonight but I bought a ticket for my eldest grandchild so we will go together to Budapest soon. I’m so looking forward this.

engine of energy
starting the dolphins jump
soon followed
the solitary swimming
always leads to company

In the morning breeze … it starts …

in silent content
morning breeze starts
with a sigh in end

… and I remembered my haiku about the snail … that popped up before sleep … and … was still there … in the morning …

a lovely breeze
carried along the night
by my dream

… my snail haiku …

The Snail Walk Poetry - 21st March 2017.

Carpe Diem #1177 Theme Week Hafiz (3)
morning breeze.

My Love!

standing strong
in full bloom dressed purple
my heart bow

My feelings for nature and reading the post … the haiku was strong and wanted to be presented first. And I just follow my feelings and instincts …

the squirrel
grabs the fir cone in delight
a pulse of love

There are so many kinds of love in nature … a richness … a generosity … sharing … cykling … consensus … collusion … movements …. I will call it pulse.

(sometimes its difficult for me to find the right words, I’m sorry for that, I so wish my English was better)

The pulse of nature … the pulse in nature … the pulse out of nature …the pulse of grows and evolution in nature … that extraordinary energy and power … the pulse … only nature possesses …

osprey wings shiver
when ocean depth roar desperately
bay lost again
nature sometimes takes away
for new to soon be welcomed

… and I am just an observer … but also a part … which goes with a responsibility … for all of us.

my deepest love
for that mighty creativity
only in nature
when meeting the you
only to pulse together

… could be read … ‘my love’ … instead of … ‘the you’ …

My love!



Carpe Diem #1176 Theme Week Hafiz (2) lover.

Body – Earth – Air

I get a little disturbed by god-talking I must say … I would like a totally secular world … I really would … sure of a more human friendly and earth friendly if so …
-Religions twist people’s minds! … for sure, I think.

putting belief
outside your self – unforgivable
new gods like ancient
are for leaving behind

It can be seen everywhere … and during all times … another way is to experience the nature … the pure nature … close as macro and micro … calm and furious … friendly and aggressive … with open eyes … you will find its spirit everywhere …

in the eye
of hurricanes and bees
a nature heart

… sometimes harder to read … but there always is an understanding to find out … a problem to be solved … for new problems to find …

with knowledge
you may find wisdom to act
for tree roots to run old
for bees to pollinate

… far out and deep down … and also in between … start close … body – earth – air ….

Now I think … I should be more poetic … relate more … picturing more … using nature … symbolic way … I should …. but …

… sometimes mood is like that … and sometimes like this …

Isn’t it amazing how the raindrops are kept … and sooner or later … running together …  down … out for life …

Blue Hidden Spider

We are all atheists about most of the gods that humanity has ever believed in.
Some of us just go one god further
― Richard Dawkins

Raindrops for life
Click photos to enlarge.

Carpe Diem #1175 Theme Week Hafiz (1)
potted plant.

Good Feel

When I read a blog post, an article, or what so ever … I often react to something … and my brain goes spinning … with questions … or statements … or just testing different thoughts … when reading Hoods poem … one line … struck me …

so wrong
to believe desert contains
no life

… ”Or in the wide desert where no life is found” … there are so much life in the desert!

The desert is so beautiful … hard to live in … of course … in one moment so dry and looking so unfriendly … to in next moment flower in all kinds of life … so amazing …

Then I have been thinking a lot about ”the spirit of our the self consciousness” … and I found Kristjaan’s tanka so wonderful … (actually I liked it more than Hood’s) …

old barn
in the middle of the field
so desolate
a playground for the wind
deep silence of no where              (c) Chèvrefeuille

… I think … yes we are like islands … in the middle of nowhere … sometimes … we have to learn and act so we can trust ourselves … gain the self consciousness … and at the same time be aware of … that everything can be wiped out next second … we are in need for that essential … ability of … humbleness … then we earn … the silence …

a solid grain
left billions of billions
to travel
the journey of life cirkels
to meet other billions of …

… life and what it brings … wow … if you let it … the world when being young … and the world now … wow … your ‘you’ then … and your ‘you’ now … such a journey … and still are … wanting to learn more … and more … deeper and wider … from maths to philosophy … from corals in the sea to the outer universe … noticing the patterns … patterns of structure … patterns of behavior … patterns of mind …

holy three
everything’s being the spirit
life of the spiral

… my thinking … so often in my holy three … levels … body – heart – brain … and now I think of a quote by a bright lady … it’s sharp indeed …

Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.”
Eleanor Roosevelt

… I’m coming closer … the end … I’ve found my place for peace and silence … but I will not … yet … be quiet …

… though I am the kind … Susan Cain named …. ”QUIET” …

… and I like it so much … always have … though sometimes challenging … I like that too …

-What now! … have I written? I think … well … it turns out as i turns out … and I’ll handle it along the way … gaining some more self consciousness along the way … too …

Good Feeling - me

Carpe Diem Namasté The Spiritual Way
#5 self consciousness.

Every … but One

Like the magma … in body Earth … always is in move …

that deepest
thought about you and life
rests in silence

… also the ‘I’ … inside the body … is in constant move …

… like everything …

in the unknown
you need a compass – star
guide in silence
every sunflower – but one
turn towards the sun

… almost everything … everybody but one!

Every sunflower but one ...

Carpe Diem: #1174 Silence.

Checking the Length

When on my walk along The Danube today … the wind was strong … but warm … it was upwind … and I usually don’t like … upwinds … dead winds … or head-winds at all. When I go by bike I hate it.

Today I found I liked it a lot. In that new experience I wanted to stay and enjoy. So I did! I imagined the wind brought new thoughts into my head. Suddenly it did. The wind brought back a thought I often had when very young … walking home in the night … me and the stars … I remember I almost used to feel dizzy at that time … thinking about … ”am I really?” ….(=do I really exist?) … incomprehensible great … universe … earth … me …

about the everything
I can understand nothing
humbly bowing
at the same time I realize
everything emerge out of the nothing

… which leave me … with the question … ”nothing”? …

nothing is
nothing will be – once
nothing (really) was

Cannot decide about last line … with or without ‘really’ ….. HELP!

About Hafiz … I feel the poem is linked so much to a special time … of how to be … and that is not now … in our time.
I don’t believe in … wiping out … efface … oneself … and I definitely have no wish to ”be rewarded with boundless pastures and eternal rest” … I live here and now … and I will do my very best … being the best myself … as well as being humble I react … and act …

Most humble … I think …. I am with my camera and macro lens … which makes it possible for me to see even the tiniest insect feet, feelers and more. How I marvel at such wonders!

From the nature … through my Canon … right into my dear Mac … I can see … what wasn’t seen …

feet and feelers
walking the life – feeling
where is nothing?

feet and feelers
experience life – wondering
where is nothing?

Grasshopper measuring himself.
Checking the length today

Carpe Diem: #1169 Humble.

There is ONE thing …

Behind a coward man – there is a stronger woman. Ready to put things right. I think this is rather common in society.
Of course there also is the opposite.

People will never make me lose interest – for humans. And we all share our mother –  Earth. There is no life without people. But! Sadly and probably life would be better for Earth without humans.
You know – humans is my favorit subject – has always been. Written a lot about it before.

In my view … every man and woman … every child … boy and girl … are pieces. A lot of pieces! Really a lot.
I just put the pieces together!

piece by piece
put together – makes
the picture of you

That’s my life challenge.
-It was my challenge working with children and youth as teacher. These special children and youngsters demanding so much more …being more vivid  … than the mainstream. I loved it! I really loved – working with these growing humans. At the same time I hated the school system – the political side.
-It was my challenge as lecturer as well – working with special teachers to be.
-It is my challenge in life.

I am well trained during life experiences. Also life long education of course. Did never end taking university courses. In the end I choose distant. I rely on … and trust in … my intuition. Don’t know any time it failed. I have lots of doubts on the way … necessary doubts … doubts to be removed … and …  reset with facts … until then I go on putting the pieces together … one by one … finally the puzzle is complete … for what’s necessary … at that special time …

Being a behaviorist goes so well with life philosophy … and … along with never ending questions. I am so curious!

I’m so curious
I was about you too – now
I am not any longer
left with a sad taste
doubts became the truth

Reality. Just like … ‘facts rule’ … in life. You are your actions. You … yourself … makes the picture of you.
Realizing. That’s how I work. I am watching the situation … from above … when … at the same time … living it. That’s reality!

I love reality … too … 🙂 … it allows me to imagine …

I love to write my thinking … much better on writing it … than talking it … I think …

… and English is challenging me even more … I like that too …

Ps. I love people. I don’t always like their doings and their behavior. There is one thing I despise …
I really despise cowardliness!

Crazy Art by me - Keys for Living Life.
Keys for living Life on Earth.

Carpe Diem Namasté, the Spiritual Way #4
keepers of the earth.

The Hunter Philosophy

Sometimes … when I read poetry … out there … well here too … I think … POETRY SHOULD HAVE A PLACE IN EVERY SCHOOL … I have always advocated for philosophy as a base subject.

The more technic take place – in our life – the more philosophy we need … is my mantra.

I still believe that!

Poetry … inspire for interpretations … challenge the readers in many ways … explore feelings … other persons feelings … helps to change perspective … may strengthen ability for empathy … most needed in the harsh sometimes very hostile social world … not to forget in social medias …

How romantic and safe wasn’t my life as young … now it seems to be the opposite for young people. Even when it comes to equality between girls and boys. It’s worse now and this is so sad.

Is it about hunting or beeing hunted. As young I loved beeing hunted by boys. It was so innocent and so beautiful. Exploring each other in a way. Life schooling for relations and love.
At the same time I knew more about boys than girls because for me it was much more interesting being with boys than girls. Climbing trees, playing football, sneaking in to other gardens picking fruits … and I was very good at slingshots … playing with dolls wasn’t my kind at all, not girls ‘backtalking’ either. I like the straight … and I found boys much more straight. Always have.
I am still amazed that my parents let me be my personality. My dad bought me football boots with studs. He went to every basket game I played in. My mother sewed jeans and caps for me mostly.  Sometimes also dresses – me and my sisters – looking so nice in same cloth. My mother even sew dresses to the princesses of Sweden before her marriage.

Mina gamla klänningar som mamma sytt

Dresses I have saved with much love. Dresses my granddaughters also have used.

I’m … writing my thinking … that’s why it takes some odd ways … and I like that. That’s being alive … lively …thinking … about the tiny and great … close and far away …

Back to where I started thinking today ….Inspired by … The Hunter tanka … I respond …

I’m also out hunting
dressed in philosophy
and questions
my belt has many pockets
one secret – only for you

BW - The Belt - I want I want!

Full Bodied Souls

Change rooms in your mind for a day.” by Hafez.

Like an eagle I focused and this was the line I saw … that went straight to my mind. How exciting to change rooms in my mind, I think. And we do all of us nowadays. I sometimes definitely too much! But I can handle it today. Because I have my rooms where the calm, peace and relaxation are balm for my soul.

in the running flood
I find my coconut flake – always
balm for my soul

These rooms I visit frequently. But today I went out exploring. Wanted to find that newly renovated thermal bath. I found it and made an appointment for tomorrow. Then I will explore new rooms in my mind I’m sure.

leaving the safe
entering the far away – to sway
being delighted
in welcoming warm arms
you topped my flight

That unique feeling … between two humans … close and far … different and similar … more that unites than divides … unique in every cell … of feelings … and in each mind.

new planets in mind
serving finest wine – fruity
perfect for full bodied souls

Thinking about wine as love. Sipping it slow and easy. Getting a bit dizzy. Taking off and emptiness filled up with mighty hemispheres.

Now you think I am drinking wine from a wild glass … wrong …  only my cup of tea just now … but we’ll never know about …. later … but sooner is nicer …

Cheers … now taking off to  a room in my mind …

Crazy Art by me - Thinking about All My Rooms in Mind.
Thinking about All My Rooms in My Mind.

Carpe Diem: #1166 Night Flower.

People Passing

I turn my back
on Buddha and face
the cool moon

Interesting history about Shiki, I think, when reading. I get curious and search more haiku by him. I must say I find them a bit difficult to like and he will probably not be a favorite of mine. But the haiku I choose above – I think goes well with his history – being radical and not allowed to give public speech. I think he felt a cool and hostile society then.

saw the country
and returned—now deep at night
I lie in bed and
fields of mustard flowers
bloom before my eyes

I myself had a wonderful day today – meeting friendly people and feeling spring – also love – in the air. I walked along the Danube passed a young couple …

she giggled
swaying her head ‘n hair backwards – and
he kissed her

… I smiled and felt happy for them – went on my walk. After passing two bridges I sat down. Studied the Japanese – or Chinese – turists modeling with Chain Bridge and Buda castle in background. A young handsome man did beautiful moves – Qigong – while his girlfriend filmed him with iPhone. I enjoyed and felt such nice harmony.
I laid back and closed my eyes … poetry popped up …

I’m sitting
by the river Danube
feeling the wind
dancing in my face
and playing with my hair


whirls of water
coming from down under
to hit the water surface
just to play with
the sun rays


people passing by
know nothing, nothing at all – about
wind and water playing

… this very minute … a moment I liked so much. I got a crazy idea. Why not film and record! So I did. But when listening I thought … how sad and sleepy I sound … that’s not me. Think it was because I didn’t want anyone to hear what I was doing.

Would you like to listen to it? Perhaps I can get enough guts to publish 😉

If you want – I will publish here … it’s on the way to Youtube just now …. ready … scroll down … 😉

River Danube

So here it is … (I think I have to ask my granddaughter about advice for recording) …

Carpe Diem #1161 Matsuyama
City birth-place of Shiki.

The Taste of Cherry - Kissing

Kiss of Cherry

how many, many things
they bring to mind — 
cherry blossoms!
© Basho (Tr. Robert Aitken)

 Such a beautiful post Chèvrefeuille made today about Cherry Trees and Blossoms in Japan!

cherry blossoms
looking so fragile in the moonlight –
ah! the spring breeze     ©Chèvrefeuille

It’s easy to feel romantic when being among the blooming cherry trees. And nostalgic. We had in our garden where I grew up. Two trees. The large one – with bigger and black sweet berries – I used to climb to the top, where the best berries could be found.
I think I like more to be romantic now …

by lovely kisses – into
cherry blossom
you took my hand first
and then my heart
 Now I long so much to spring. First I will enjoy spring in Budapest and then I will enjoy spring in Lund. And I know where to find all the cherry blossom rooms in my cities. I also look forward all the kisses …
Sky with cherry flowers

Carpe Diem #1157 Sakura,
the national pride of Japan.

That Tea

I have a Japanese tea house close in Budapest. Last visit was the first too. Last in Budapest and first in the tea house. I will go back for sure.

that tea
tasting like a magnolia
is beautiful
when buds are gently opening
the first kiss of spring

64/5000 a pink arrow hit and the blooming magnolia attached on my chest

Carpe Diem #1146 Tea Ceremony.