I Kramp – Söver Insikten

Ord på ”O” som poppade upp i angiven ordning:
Orolig Omfattande Osaklig Omskuren Odör.

Jag kan känna mig orolig för utvecklingen i Sverige och världen. Jag efterlyser ofta – säg alltid – en mer omfattande redovisning av företeelser i samhället än vad vårt Public Service förmår prestera – mer grävande seriös journalistik alltså!
När perspektivet är ensidigt och inte allsidigt blir det osakligt. Likaså när fakta förtigs eller vinklas och statistik missbrukas.
Likt en flicka som blir omskuren kan jag tycka att alla som fanatiskt tillber en religion också är omskurna. De har förlorat – inte en kroppsdel men väl – en livsdel.
Vi människor beter oss sannerligen märkligt och ofta inte på ett sätt som är sunt för oss själva, andra eller vår planet. Jag skulle vilja kalla vårt måttlösa leverne, livsbegränsande slöseri och upptornade avfallsberg som en odör.
En odör på alla plan för människor, livsvillkor och för vår planet.

ord kan ropas
medan en verklighet förtvinar – i kramp
söver insikten

BW - The Crock.

Skrivpuff: Välj 5 ord på ”O” – välj två av dem att skriva om.

Olycksaligt Undantag

ett ensamt gammalt liv
minnesrikt och påfyllt med nya upplevelser
satt på olycksaligt undantag

Blue Mushroom Still Standing

Ps. Tänker på många gamlas situation i dagens Sverige – förr sattes de på undantag … och nu med kan jag tycka

Skrivpuff: Undantag.

Isn’t it!

It’s easy to feel cranky …

after that match
and feeling so exhausted
debating politics

… not just doing it … also just listening to … and watching … the local as well as global …

Isn’t it!?

… our world isn’t on the right track …

Is it!?


Moder Svea - Mother Svea/Sweden.

Daily Prompt: Cranky.

We have a dream

I went to Lund Art Hall today because I wanted to see the photo exhibition ”We have a dream”. Wonderful photo portraits all of them. Only one I didn’t like and also didn’t understan why it was there. I will tell you in the end of my post about this.

It was strong feelings when reading about these fantastic humans. So strong I couldn’t see and read about all of them so I must go back another day. Actually I often go to the Art Hall.

culture in life
feelings in every cell – strong
soul of human art

Two heroes Yeonmi Park from North Korea …

Yeonmi Park

…and Nadia Murad from Irak

Nadia Murad 

So strong women!
I remember when I first heard about the yazidi women and how they were treated I wrote a poem …

sisters holding hands
were brutally torn apart
the cold knife spoke death

… after reading this.

When I saw Jan Eliasson 2nd in UN I thought he should be changed …. and that Anders Kompass should be there in his place! Anders Kompass did a great thing for the abused children – abused by UN soldiers. Jan E didn’s stand up for Anders K or for the children!
What has Jan Eliasson done except being true to his political party in Sweden!!!!



Worldly Hospitality

That’s a perfect word today when US president declare NO hospitality for some people in our world. Boundaries are pushed from a human moral perspective. One thing is the politics and another the personality. The person behind. Expressions and behavior. Human behavior – peoples behavior – is there anything more interesting!?

like hydrogen
united with oxygen – traveling
in all conditions
prerequisites for humans
ought to function fully

Due to the destructive forces existing in our world – borders of course need to be controlled. A sad reality.

Theresa May and Donald Trump had a meeting. It went well as far as I know – politically. Every time DT opens his mouth …. I think …
-What kind of man is this person?

In front of the world – after their meeting …
‘He said that when he meet a new person he quickly knows if he likes the person or not. He liked TM.’ Gosh!
Talking like this at the press conference in front of the world. Politics reduced to feelings. Thinking about our three brains – three levels – for being and reacting. I haven’t – so far – heard this man even coming close the sense level. He behave more like a blunt and overgrown teenager. A president who likes alternative truth and wants media to shut up. He doesn’t give a likable presentation of himself.
What will happen …
I cannot understand the mass of people …

Blue Photo - The Danube & Erzebeth Bridge, Budapest.


Carpe Diem: #1138 Hospitality.


every change
what so ever has a final
new start

There is a change in the world – across the Atlantic – going on and I’m not sure at all I like that! Two men – with different skins.

One with the ethic kind and … the other with a thin unethical kind.

Where are we heading? What has happened in U.S. I wonder!

And thinking that ‘the other’ was well aware with and supported the help he got and was put in from abroad.

What do you think?

Crazy Art by me - Sad eyes

BW - St Stephan Cathedral Budapest

A Quiet Watcher

This day – the day before Christmas Eve – we use(d) to call ”Little Christmas Eve”. We tasted the Christmas food. We were allowed to open one present. We had a really cosy evening. That’s how it was. Seems so long ago just now. I  kept this tradition when I had my own family. We even celebrated once in a dry riverbed in the desert in United Arab Emirates. 1983 I think. Now is a different time. ”Yesterday is dead and gone” as Kris Kristoferson sings. My daughters doesn’t eat meat or celebrate Christmas. My son thinks otherwise. More like me.

made christmas dead and gone
empty seats

Since I’m not a believer I don’t celebrate Christmas but I like some traditions. Like spending time together with my family. So I miss that now. Very much.

Some day I will bring my grandchildren to experience the Nutcracker in Budapest. Some day!
Today I went to an contemporary dance performance for children. It was just so very great!

air filled
bubbles of children’s emotions
cracking event

I can also go to church at special occasions – just to watch the rituals people are busy with. As behaviorist I’m very interested – all the time – in people’s behavior and everyday life wherever I am. I’m a quiet watcher.

But not ”quiet” about everyday life relating to politics. Consequences of bad politics I want to highlight. Sometimes also the good. I like to compare Sweden and Hungary as I think they are opposites in EU. I find it interesting to follow. Observe.

children’s welfare and schooling
my life

I think – maybe – it has been a lot about me personally lately. Sometimes it happens. And that’s ok for me – here.

I have had Bach in the background but tonight I’m afraid he didn’t engage me very much.

a red heavy glass of wine
tasting your kiss
full bodied as usual
how lucky I am

Carpe Diem: #1105 Christmas Oratorio:
Cantata #1 BWV 248 – Mov. 1/9 by J.S. Bach.

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