Crazy Day with Glitter Goat Cheese Salmon and Seeds and no Basho

Habanera for Pinch & Bath

Today I had a lot of errands to do. Most important was goat cheese. On the way to the cheese market I slipped into some shops and found – not a dress – but a jumper full of glittering paljettes. This will do very well, I thought, since dresses are so hard to find. After the goat cheese I found some fresh salmon. Also perfect – Omega 3 you know! I like salmon a lot but don’t forget it in the oven!!!! The oven baked is the best I think. Then a refill for my seed supply – sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds.
-Well done Birgitta. Now you earn a (Christmas) Present. Off I went to the bookstore.

And what to say!!!! They didn’t know about haiku! They didn’t know about Matsuo Basho!!!! In the largest bookstore in Budapest. No present to me this day. Life sucks!! But not for long. Last one – a favorite – take away – crème brulée – to keep me going tonight.

Home sweet home and time for a well deserved hot bath and relax. Listening to my music.
Sorry I don’t know which was the first but when I was all covered with the hottest water and feeling the heavenly relaxation Chris Norman sang ”Lay back in the arms of someone” and I did. Feeling wonderful. Swaying my body. Good for the muscles.
Now I’m ready! And ….

Wow – Habanera – and of course I think about Maya seducing the soldier ha ha. Some special muscles will have to work now.

pinches ‘n hugs
in step not for eyes – only

Oh I love love love! This scene. Maya is so ”just one” with the music. Love love love! Now I am exhausted – no just kidding – ….
Funny though with Zorba’s dance again today when I finally got up.

Daily Prompt: Relax.