Life is a Pilgrimage

I have had some wonderful days now with my elder sister. I am so fortunate! Just saying! My sisters are just so wonderful. Every moment I spend with either of them or both is moments to keep in my heart. Has always been. No pilgrimage can compares to the time with sisters. My sisters.

best pilgrimage
all these journeys – dearest
my heart sings

A life Pilgrimage – mine with my sisters …

we share
the same start – oh life
fragile and strong

A life Pilgrimage – alone or together …

always another
page of day to fill – tastes
so exciting

… and tomorrow will bring some more … I am ready!

Me and my sisters - I am the middle one.
I am the middle one 😉
A long time ago.

Carpe Diem Namasté the Spiritual Way #2 pilgrimage.


I think true friendship is great.  Maybe also rare. Friendship between people I mean. Friendship with an animal is different. A dog is always loyal and faithful. You will never experience betrayal together with your dog.

being there
whenever – for both
and each

Mathilda och Billie
My grandchild and one of my giant schnauzers late 90th.

Carpe Diem: #1129 friendship.