In the Mountain

Writing ghazal – what a challenge! I had to look up some Swedish explanation and found also Swedish poets in this kind of poetry. Gustav Fröding is one of our great poets.

I will try …

I wanted to travel to the best view on a mountain.
I thought your secret was hidden on the mountain.

The clouds always brought love letters from the top.
And the stamps had a great picture of your mountain.

The birds in the sky were singing the content to me.
Their wings made traveling easier to my mountain.

The flowers on the ground made my steps lighter.
Their colors brightened my way up to the mountain.

In every breath I felt your welcoming and longing kiss.
Kisses like snowflakes covering the top of my mountain.

Last day sun is burning hot and hiding behind your top.
You made it Sofi! now rewarded and worth the mountain.

Well well well … that feels very constructed … probably has to be worked on more … so I can feel I am content with it … but however … its my first …. and I wonder …

in the mountain
the most grounded can be found
only my soul

… as always …. wonder I do … will it be the last?

Bruksvallarna Sweden 2008

 Carpe Diem Universal Jane # 12 Mountain View.

Calling for Change

When I read … or when doing my walk-abouts … I often get a lot of pictures in my head. Sometimes also haiku is popping up … sometimes in a frequency faster than I hardly can handle … I like this so much! It’s entertaining … my imagination is living a lively life …

Now I am reading this interesting about Tokyo – Edo … and my thoughts go to Orkney … that summer when we traveled around in north Scotland and also Orkney …
Orkney with it’s ancient interesting history and that Orkney with so powerful nature and strong sea … That strong sea there … made me wish …

calling old island
wanting to catch – the power of
moving mountains

… yes I think it sounds crazy … but however … I would like to live (safely) through one winter … in an old cottage … with a warming fire place … and windows with views … to see the furious sea moving these giant boulders …
Like living in ‘the power of nature’ … I would write that winter … and probably draw pictures too.

Oh these interesting islands … Japan … Orkney … Gotland in Sweden … and you guessed Galapagos, Tahiti … or did you mean Haiti? … so far away …
… yes so far away … where to I am dreaming about … and you are trying to figure out … there you find a mix of nature … the power of nature … the beauty of nature … its peoples creativity … and something more … I find important … for mind and living …

A completely change from now.

Would you like to … have the guts to … completely … change your life?

one life – a seed
among all the other – how
grow well together
one option – living by/in nature
slowly erasing – the other

I always strive to make – my HAIKU and my TANKA – with more than one possible interpretations.

On our Scotland journey my youngest daughter wrote a story about ”Oban”. While I – as always – on travel  … made up my life if living ”here” …

Shooting Old Church on Orkney.

In old church, Orkney.

Carpe Diem #1143 Edo, ancient Tokyo.