Arctic Circle – In Love

I always fall in love with great artistry … latest was at Vigadó in Budapest during the concert “Arctic Circle“. I immediately fell in love with the conductor and violinist John Storgårds. It was incredible and fantastic how he held and pulled the instruments and tunes in his hands. Like he controlled transparent strings to each instrument in the orchestra.

wondering about
how passionate your heart is
in artistry measured

I was so fascinated by his great music artistry and enjoyed the event right into my bones and spine. So now I am in love with John Storgårds.

Sounds of the Arctic Circle The Lapland Chamber Orchestra in concert. Conductor and violinist John Storgård.

Daily prompt: Measure.

Passport to Spring

Just a wonderful day today … in Lund … Sweden … All the students were out in the city … enjoying the sun … some with a bottle of wine …

all the chatting
like ripple on the sea surface
when eyes are shut

… in the centre square … like a passport into the spring …
…. where I too …. enjoyed the sun.

Stortorget in Lund, Sweden.

Daily Prompt: Passport.