Silence is Safe


oh this silence …
boulders filled
by cikadans squeaks   ©Basho

a squirrel sneaks away
up into and around the trunk

it’s getting darker
volume turned up
like million violins

pulling the covers upp
to soften sound for ears

after a sigh
acorn fell on forehead
that squirrel

another acorn fell
somebody is still working

in the sky
a star fell too
my wish

the silence is safe
a dream came true

I don’t know if I have succeeded in my first ‘Soliloquy No Renga’ (a Renga written by one poet) – this monologue with ‘hokku’ and ‘ageku’.
Is it a 8-stanza renga?


My Moon Stone

Above All

This is a kind of love declaration because I just love stones. I always pick stones – or they pick me actually. I have bags of stones in my home. They have a story. And in my previous life I lived in a kind of landscape like Tibet or Mongolia but with a  sea view. The most precious to me is my Moon Stone and I’m sure it came from that far outside. To be picked by me.

above all
in the heart of nature
a rugged rock

Carpe Diem: Universal Jane #9. Naked Rock.

My most dearest Moon Stone

Blue Stone Fallos

Skrivpuff: Styv.

ha ha ha
ja jag kan ju inte skriva
om det där styva
man kan känna av
det där styva
som liksom
tränger sig på
när man kramas
och pussas
och …
det där styva
som bara blir
envisare och
envisare …
till slut blir det
så påträngande
att …
Det där styva …

… som jag inte skulle skriva om!

Blue Fallos Stones