Day: 2016-12-21

Blue Photo - Mattias Church, Budapest

Another Kind of Candle

On my way home today. I walked towards the Cathedral and a poem popped up in my head. (I live just behind the church.)

not so long
way to the other side
of religion

I’m not religious as you know. But when I grew up everybody around me were. As child – visiting the church – I always thought the priests told lies. Couldn’t understand how people could believe what the priests said. I’m interested in facts – not what few people make up in their fantasy and then try to make it true for a mass.
Sure Jesus once lived and he probably had a very good hearted life philosophy.

It also happens with ”facts” in times. Thinking about when the earth was believed to be flat. So I wonder a lot about:

-What do we believe to be very true today – and tomorrow will be proved as wrong and seen as the madness of our time?  Maybe about the climate? Maybe about our planet? Our place in Universe? I would very very much like to know …

free ticket
for a ride in the dark world
to turn on the light
covered waited in endless queue
while the button was set broken

Perhaps that one was too mysterious?

wise people
talking the speech of facts ‘n truth
my candles
as interesting people’s questions
provide  imaginative power and fantasy

“We are all atheists about most of the gods that humanity has ever believed in. Some of us just go one god further.”
― Richard Dawkins

”Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful.” Lucius Annaeus Seneca.

Carpe Diem: Seven Days Before Christmas 2016 #5 candles.

Blue Photo - St Stephan Cathedral, Budapest

BW Necklace

Mother of All Pearls

Out in the crowd. Camera settings with blue filter. To light up my day. Thinking about killings and attacks. Sad but definitely not scarred or frightened. Thought that if I had that stupid, monstrous terrible brain … where would I place … I was sure of where. So I took the metro just to that place. It was the end station. Above is the Christmas Market. And I wasn’t the only one thinking … Three very well armed and equipped men stood steadily and watched us when we got out from the train. I asked very polite:

-May I shoot you?

So sorry I didn’t get that photo!
But I was lucky today. Bought myself a heart decorated ceramic cup for my green chai tea. I also found my dress. Now it needs a neckless. And I know what kind. A Native American style in black and a few silver pearls decorated with mother-of-pearl. Maybe I can make it myself.

nacre sunset
when shells are tumbling
in salted waves
showing up to each other
the most glory mother-of-pearl

I listen to the music and I can see the shells and the shiny ”mother of all pearls”.
Can you?

Carpe Diem: #1103.
Symphony in F sharp minor Op. 41 by Dora Pejacevic.

The Pink Dragonfly by me

When I meet you

I want to …

hug you

kiss you

sit down and have a chat

giggle when you kiss me

look into your eyes

show the joy in my heart

take a sip from the glass with red wine

chat and giggle

touch you secretly under the table

kiss your hand

thinking about next step

smiling alluringly

twinkling mischievously

… when I meet you!

When will you come?

Crazy Art by me - Animation - The Solitary Leaf

A Solitary Leaf

These days in our world it is like – …

… while the days role on and – somewhere there you are – with your enthusiasm for life – you enjoy – you experience – ….

… then suddenly – like a flash from the sky – actually the reality – somewhere – you are hit – very hard – and paralyzing – by a kind of lid – for a while – …

… then you rise and – go on with your life – finding the way back to your enthusiasm – your joy for life – experiencing – …

… with a new needle – like a knit gnawing – somewhere  reminding – or telling you – something …

… you don’t want to listen to!

So I don’t!

a solitary leaf
and the blue river of life

I go on – in my life – I take the hits from all the lids – and I go on with my life.

Daily Prompt: Enthusiasm.

Crazy Art by me - The Solitary Leaf

thinking about these horrible ‘t’ attacks

Kieselbach Galéria - Winter Auction 2016.

ART – Winter Auction 2016

First I thought I would stay at home. Then I told myself:
-Birgitta, get yourself together! You know you like to be there! Watch people. Look at the art. Have a glas of Champagne. Or two. Dress up a little. Put on the high heels. Even if you have to pay with devil like pain all day after – osteoarthritis in toes – which doesn’t keep me away from walking. I also have good-for-my-feet-walking-boots.

I listened to myself and I didn’t regret doing that. The auction was really interesting and the art as well. This one gave the highest price while I was still there – I left before end.

Two were fighting after 60 000 000 huf where all the others left. It ended up at 170 000 000 huf. It was a stunning painting and framing too. I liked it a lot.
I see now they also choose this as head picture on the Facebook page.

Kieselbach Galéria - Winter Auction 2016.  The auction is very professional and the lady – the auctioneer –  is a talent! I am very fascinated about how she handles all the bids given.

Kieselbach Galéria - Winter Auction 2016.

I can follow the bids on the screen and I try hard to learn Hungarian – very hard.

The catalog is heavy and since it will take hours – I left before end. I walked along the Danube. Shot the Buda Castle as I use to do in evening light. Went on to the Christmas market.

And what do I find in the street beside the great Vigado Consert building!!!

A military tank! With ”POLICE” sign on. Passing people took selfies. I shot the tank. Talked to some Hungarians who didn’t speak English. We didn’t understand what we said to each other but we understood anyway. We felt safe and thought this was very smart. No terrorist lorry could pass here. Me giving the tank a friendly pat.

Police tank at Christmas Market Budapest

Till mina kära skrivpuffarkompisar,
Kan man möjligen hitta någon intressant detalj här – jag hoppas på det. Själv hittade jag en på översta bilden. Tror herrn på den bilden gjorde detsamma.
Ha en finfin dag!