Day: 2016-12-22

Budapest bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics and Summer Paralympics

Budapest – Olympic 2024


 ”The Budapest bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics and Summer Paralympics was announced by the Hungarian Olympic Committee (Hungarian: Magyar Olimpiai Bizottság, MOB) on 11 November 2013, although organizers had been planning a bid since 2008.” Wikipedia.

I will sure cross my fingers. – Will you?

Hungary for Summer Olympics
twenty twenty4


These Olympic Rings are placed along the Danube not far from the Parliament. I am just heading to the Parliament on my way home.


Blue Photo & Poetry - Summertime

Music ‘n Muscles

My hot bath today turned out to be very peaceful and relaxing. Though Mungo Jerry was first out with ”Summertime”. If you listen carefully it’s not only rushy. It’s goes very well for a mermaid to make her moves in a nice flow. I tested and I liked it. And I would love to be that woman ”on your mind”. Dreaming away – to summer times.
Now next up was Leonard Cohen and ”So long Marianne”. Muscles are now warm and soft so the mermaid opened up to the music. I thought about the ”So long” both to LC and his Marianne this year.

music ‘n muscles
mermaid ready to move away
all pain

Well he didn’t want to leave until he had that ”Last Dance” – which I had saved for him. I was happy and I shook loose my shoulders. One more dance. And he left – it couldn’t be more calm – like as everything around was totally weightless. Me too.

Daily Prompt: Calm.



Crazy Art by me - The Locker

But Not – For Flowers

I just made a picture. Or the Picture wanted to be made by me. So it is! I use to listen when pictures want to be painted. Sometimes with pens, crayons and pencils I – myself – don’t like very much. I listen and do it anyway.

When Picture was made I gave it a name. That I am allowed to do actually. Picture got the name ”Locker”. And for a while – when studying the Picture – I wondered:

-What is it you want to tell me?

Then I said:

-Why are you so right on the point (almost) always!?

open minded
though the locker is closed – but not
for flowers

I saved and went to my emailbox. Now I find that one of my favorit haiku writers had made a beautiful poem about locked. My picture is named ”Locker”.

I think …

-the open window with the flattering curtain – to the right – is the ”open minded”
-the locker keeps ”something very important” safe
-”but not – for flowers” is so enormous interesting so I have to go on thinking about this

What could it mean?


Blue Photo - Give me a Chans and I will take it!

Och gilla Läget

Livet bjuder inte bara på en väg – knagglig eller slät – den bjuder på en mångfald. Vissa tvingas du ta andra väljer du själv.

Om jag fick
en chans till
skulle jag inte ta den!

Det är dags
för en annan att fortsätta
den kampen!

Just nu
ger jag mig själv de chanser
jag vill ha.

I en första period får man mycket hjälp i vägvalen. I en annan period är det för många krafter som bestämmer. Till slut lämnas alla val till dig själv.
Då ska du ta chansen!
Och gilla läget 🙂

Skrivpuff: Chans.

“You cannot swim for new horizons until you have courage to lose sight of the shore.”
William Faulkner