Day: 2016-12-25

#byblogfia - Stage Curtain

Just a Rainy Day

It has been a rainy day. Kind of ”moody cello day”. I like that too. Keeping me cosy indoors. Ensure happenings of exciting things. I’m rather good at that. Actually. There are always new things to learn – languages – technique – universe – thinking higher – yes even higher than usually. And of course I have empty white papers wanting to be filled with colors and crazy motives. So new apps, ted talks on Netflix ….. and a lot of creativity in Crazy Art Studio Budapest.

spicy talks
happenings in worldwide cyber
tagged peppar mint

… and I want that book – I mentioned before –  to breathe poetry …

ears leave
when music are played by fairies
catching up
as all senses float away
hypnotized by enchantments

… that special one … you know …
… and music …
… for rainy days.

Stage Curtain from Liszt Academy – edited #byblogfia (me in my Internet project).

Carpe Diem: #1107.
Symphony No. 1 by Giovanni Sgambati.

Very pleasant music for this kind of day and mood ….

There got to be Music

What would we do without music? And those special artistic musicians!? Musicians handling their instruments like they were their ”love of life” and every tone produced as if it was a touch in a love act. Sometimes in tenderly softness and sometimes hot-tempered rapture. I love artistry on that high level. All kinds of artistry. Musicians with their instruments, singers and their voices, dancers and their feet, painters and their brushes, actors on their scen ….

flowing tunes
created on highest level release
strings in love

There got to be music!

Daily Prompt: Festive.

Crazy Art by me - Climbing and footsteps

”Cross my Heart”

Inspirerad av … han och hon i ett liv … a real life … och musiken …

Han skulle gå ut i sena natten.
Hon ville följa med.
Han ville gå ensam.
Hon misstänkte inget.

Hon litade på honom.
Han smidde planer.
Hon tänkte bara gott.
Han hade ett möte.

Hon var inte misstänksam.
Hon tänkte bara gott.
Men inte längre.
”Cross my heart”

Skrivpuff: Misstänksam.

World just now

Just now in this very minute …. Placido Domingo concert in DUNA TV … and two ladies singing … Yes I can … from Annie get your gun.

This one made a life changing and vital impress to me as a little child. How happy I am that my parents brought my to this operett. Now I love all kinds of performing arts.

So …

Anything you can do – I can do better!

Just watching wonderful music and performances in Budapest TV. It’s so beautiful my heart cries.

Such contrasts in the world!

In one channel – the most beautyful man can make – in the other – the most destructive man kan do.

And Victor Orban says:

”Hungary is a stable island in the agitated western world”

… and that’s exactly what I feel just now.