Lili Ország show

I went to Buda Castle tonight to see the show inspired by Hungarian artist Lili Ország. It was a mystical show and I didn’t understand all of it. Suppose I have learn more about LO. The dancers where very talented and with great passion in their roles. The piano player too.

First time I have been to a dance performance about a painter artist. Music – Dance – Art all three together in this performance – very innovative and creative – I like!

Buda Castle


Macro - Dandelion - Maskros

Seed hibernation

my love
blue sky and butterflies
sharing our beer


sleeping clouds
sunflower nectar collected
dreams came true


the rainbow crane
pressed all cherry blossoms
a segull cried


autumn cried
wanted to find hide away
seed hibernation

Carpe Diem: Full Circle.

Ps. I loved this! Thanks Chèvrefeuille!

1. rainbow
2. autumn
3. seagull
4. crane
5. cherry blossom
6. love
7. sunflower
8. blue sky
9. clouds
10. butterfly
11. nectar
12. beer

By the Window

Daily Prompt: Window.

w i n d o w
is a word
with some kind of
very special meaning
involving a lot of

what about your
w i n d o w?

my w i n d o w
is mostly
bright open
to the world

but sometimes
I like to shut
my w i n d o w
just to be
by myself
and my creativity

I don’t shut it
there is always
a small run
to pass out
or in

Crazy Art by me - By the Window

By the Window was originally published on PHOTO – POETRY – CRAZY ART

En gastkramad liten själ

Skrivpuff: Ytterligare.

Hon drog ett djupt andetag. Lyssnade intensivt. Försökte febrilt koncentrera sig. Höll andan. Stod blickstilla. Vågade inte andas.
En skräckens ödesmättade tävling. På liv och död.
Vem skulle först avslöja sig? Minsta ljud räckte.
Hennes liv stannade upp inom henne.
En gastkramad liten själ.

Ytterligare en gång!

Crazy Art by me - The Poet

En gastkramad liten själ was originally published on PHOTO – POETRY – CRAZY ART