Passion – The Funny Way

Today – when watching musicians – I thought about passion. Does passion show in every musicians? I wondered about and pictured – like a film playing in mind – a lot of different musicians in different kinds of music. And in my head of course also dancers are moving around while thinking of passion … and music …

like a violin string
played – dancers move
in true passion
capturing the most inner
feelings to express

… I love so much passion … expressed through arts … performing arts … I love it so much it almost hurts … somewhere inside. The true artist … always shows a great power of passion … They become ‘one’ with their instrument … which for a dancer is the body … for the … orchestra conductor also body and his wand.

And I think a dancer with great passion also finds music inside his/her body … and knows how to transform it into dancing …

DEPO dancers, Budapest

I get passionate … only by thinking about this passion …

a blue flower
picked the passing wind
playing music

Talking about passion … can also be made the funny way …

Carpe Diem: #1167 The Dancer.

Hot Passion

Some fun ends … and some fun goes on … and most I love … is  … the tango… with you … soon to take place again. I love it! Passion and close bodies!
In control!

determined legs
yours – and mine capturing
your insistent moves

You will also give classes this week. So many dancers will be there. Me too – though shooting. Oh how I have looked forward to this. Only once before I have been to the dance studio to shoot photos. Now I will again. Soon!

I like to say to everybody – go and take classes in tango!

like a flower
bursting out promising – spring
for hot passion

And then comes the summer … best of all … best of everything … now ahead … soon …

Tango Passion

He was Outstanding

Will there ever be another conductor like him! No, of course not! He was just outstanding! He was one of the reason I started to enjoy classic music. How fascinated I became. Keeping the whole orchestra so strong in ones hands. Fantastic I thought and still think.

In Herbert von Karajan I also found that special sensitivity. I always look for that when it comes to artists of all kinds. Musicians as well as dancers.

Tonight at the premier of ”In our Past – We have the Present” and I met him. My – now – favorite choreographer. Actually he is the director. He was happy I came, he said, after the performance. Most happy I was – of course. How hard he had worked, I noticed. But now ”paid off” with ovations and applauds. He really has a wonderful dance group for his national dance theatre. I got three new favorites tonight. I had Alexandra (left) first and has still of course. She is also outstanding!

Favorite dancers - Budapest
My two favorite female dancers.

One more female dancer now and two male dancers. They have classic schooling – which I want for contemporary dancers. Otherwise it tends to be more gymnastic than dance. So many practicing classic dance and when they grow up they have ‘wrong’ body measures for classic dancers. Life is hard for them. Luckily they can have a career as contemporary dancers.



En Slurk av Dans

Igår kväll var jag på en intressant föreställning. Det var ett nederländskt danskompani tydligen välkänt i världen. Netherlands Dance Theatre 2. De framförde tre olika akter. Den första Sad Case upplevde jag som unik i contemporary och jag tänkte tankar som detta är Contemporary – Cartoon style. Så kreativt! Så skickliga dansare. Jag njöt varje sekund. Imponeras alltid av dansares kroppskontroll. Sedan upplever jag alltid dansare som utför sina rörelser och det kan de göra hur bra som helst … men om de inte gör det på ett sätt där de blir ”ett med musiken” … De dansare som nått dit blir mina favoriter. I Sad Case stack framförallt den blonde dansaren ut. Helt sanslöst duktig! Jag vet att jag är en upplevande människa där den speciella känslan blir viktig. Och som jag hoppas på att få uppleva. När jag diskuterade med en av mina favoritkoreografer här – visade det sig att han har samma favoriter som jag. Det kändes som en glad bekräftelse. Trots att jag inte alls är ”skolad” inom området kan jag lita på min känsla – ja så kändes det.

Den sista akten Cacti (Kaktus) var också intressant. Där användes 16 boxar i olika höjder och stora nog för varje dansare att utföra rörelser även liggandes. De fyllde alltså scenen. Boxarna alltså. Dansarna fyllde scenen på ett annat sätt liksom kaktusarna.
Plötsligt fann jag mig själv fångad av boxarna. Konstaterade de olika höjderna. Tänkte då att de är nog skapade för att få plats i varandra. Förenklar transporten. Fyra av varje. Njöt av föreställningen under tiden. Boxarna arrangerades om i intressanta kompositioner. Liksom dansarna.

Nu tänker jag att … liksom en slurk ur ett glas fyllt med härlig somrig juice … blev mina ‘lådtankar’ som en slurk ur en fantastisk dans föreställning.

Sad Case - Netherlands Dans Theater 2.

Skrivpuff: Slurk.

Sunset in Budapest

Carmen at MÜPA

Tonight at MÜPA I saw Carmen (Bizet) as contemporary dance. It was Kecskemét City Balett Company. It was a completely  unique setup and the opening scen extraordinary. Oh how I would like to have a photo. The only disappointment was that Carmen was not that very very good as she should be. And I thought all the time about how great my favorite Alexandra would do in that role. But I got a favorite for this night – Nikolett Nagy. She was outstanding in her balanced complex movements related to music. There was also another dancer – the shortest and blond – have to ask about her name. The choreography made the audience breathless about how strong feelings were delivered from scene.
And I am impressed about the scene settings – unique and creative.

Levente Bagossy set design, Julcsi Kiss costumes, Zoltán Katonka lighting, assistant choreographer, Tünde Frigyesi director’s assistant, Sándor Domján, Ákos Czeglédi director and choreographer,
Dóra Barta director and choreographer

Next and also last on my program 2016 is the Nutcracker (for 2nd time) on Friday. Looking forward for sure! As you can see in the program link I have been busy about culture. Hopefully 2017 will be the same. I’ve already bought tickets for Dance festival and Spring festival. In between i have to go home too.

MÜPA – The Theatre changing colors.

MÜPA - Theatre that change colors Budapest

Lili Ország show

I went to Buda Castle tonight to see the show inspired by Hungarian artist Lili Ország. It was a mystical show and I didn’t understand all of it. Suppose I have learn more about LO. The dancers where very talented and with great passion in their roles. The piano player too.

First time I have been to a dance performance about a painter artist. Music – Dance – Art all three together in this performance – very innovative and creative – I like!

Buda Castle


I'm a little crazy & I like it

Bolero for Heart & Bath

Spotify has been very nice to me. I usually don’t like when things are made for me on Internet. I want to do myself! Presented music I listened to most during the 2016 in a special list. Now I was in a good mood and the bath tube was filled with hottest water so … I might as well listen when having my refreshing bath.

Turned on …. soft quiet tones …. ah Bolero … Perfect … I started to sneak into the very very very hot water. My nipples turned inwards in fright but I told them it was safe. Perfect music this Bolero I thought while feeling like a mermaid billowing my body like she would do. Following the music. Heavenly this and good for my back – the muscles. The only thing that differ me from a mermaid now is that I can spread out my legs.

I am moving to the music and enjoying heaven. In time exactly to the grand mighty final – the last seconds of Bolero – I drop my head into the water. Splash!

Now ready for next song and shampoo.

by soft pink rose petals
in life

Bolero is a favorit of all times! Combined with dance – ballet or contemporary – oh I can watch interminably. This year I have several times. I admire dancers ability to control their bodies – wow – performed art at highest level. They handle their bodies like a director his/her orchestra.

Maya Plisetskaija is also a favorit – she is a terrific ballet dancer – here choreographed in contemporary by another favorit Maurice Béjart.
Now listen and take your bath! Follow the music … enjoy!


I could go on writing about next …. but … maybe later … I got up to Zorba’s dance.


Blue Photo - DEPO dance, Budapest


-Nej! jag tog den inte alls! Jag bara läste din dikt och svarade på den. Ungefär som en stafett i diktande. Man får och lämnar. Ger och får.
Jag skrev på en lika vit sida som din. Utan en massa länkar hit och dit. Bara mina fem rader som svar på dina fem rader. Visserligen länkade jag till din dikt. För de hör ju ihop.

-Nej! de hör varken ihop eller ska springa en stressande stafett. Du tog min dikt! Nu är den förstörd!

-Jag tog inte din dikt! Jag vill egentligen inte heller springa stafett. Bara kommunicera i poesi.
-Med dig!

Skrivpuff: Beskylla.

DEPO dancers, Budapest

So – I love Culture!

Culture – to me –
is …

Human creativity
which has the right energy
to make people come closer
to each other
and experience that more unites
than devides us.

I love creativity and I love
when it reaches outside
traditional bounds.

I love when different
kinds of arts and
performance arts
work together.

I love and enjoy culture
like a kind of essential
liquor of loving life
and I get shivers
down my spine

Daily Prompt: Culture.

Maurice Béjart & Queen
Ballet ❤ Rock

Sting (Rock Guitarist) & Classic ballet & Bach

Isn’t it beautiful!?

One of my favorites from SYTYCD – ”The But dance” – Randi and Evan in Mia Michaels choreography.
So creative and also funny! Love it!

As you understan … I love dance and music …. almost all kinds … classic, rock, contemporary ….

DEPO dancers, Budapest

Performance art

The best shivers of all
without any doubt
is the shiver that goes
right through your bones
and shake up your spine
make you feel
the greatness of
artisteri when
performance art.

Daily Prompt: Shiver.