All the Best to All of You - Happy Holiday!

Living Life

I still have time …

when rushing world wants peace
new reborn

… watching the world pass by in front of my eyes …

when war hijacking and terror

… shooting photos, writing diary and poems, drawing and painting pictures …

while creativity makes result
living life

Carpe Diem: #1105 Christmas Oratorio:
Cantata #1 BWV 248 – Mov. 1/9 by J.S. Bach.

4 kommentarer

  1. Some serious and genuine philosophy.

    I think one of the problems with terrorism is people think only of eradicating it. This is a messy job. Better to try yo contain it using all kinds of weaponry including information.

    The policies in Syria by the British and American governments have been so appalling that they ate actually a root cause: you might not like Assad but both GB and USA had no business financing some pretty horrible people they know little about, while pretending they were ”moderate rebels,” and encouraging people to rise up against Assad and making them believe they would get support. That cost hundreds of thousands of lives and was a total failure. The secondary effect was the exporting of violence from the region. Our governments have been criminal in not pointing out what ISIS is doing exactly: recently burning alive Turkish soldiers, but this receives barely a mention. Why is this important? Because it does not stop the endless soundtrack of Muslims this and Muslims that. A better understanding would lead to much better cooperation.
    What happened in Sweden was a disgusting, appalling tragedy. Prevention is better than blame of a group. The Syrian government are our matural allies. So is Iran in our war on terrorism. Bit our governments work fir the companies that give them donations, and those companies are often oil companies…

    I went on and on and on. I am sure I could do other things instead than bore with that! I hope was not seen as lecturing. Only my opinion.

    Gillad av 1 person

    1. I think you are very right and I am sure that GB and US have made a lot of mistakes – making it worse in the ME. It’s so sad and unforgivable naiv. We are all suffering for bad politics.
      For me it’s important how people live their life and what choices they make not where they come from or what ethnicity they are. I like people and I find their culture very interesting. What’s more interesting 😉 ?
      Thanks a lot for your thoughts Forest Bather!



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