Månad: januari 2017

Memorable Kiss

I also want to see Matsuo Basho as my master of haiku.

a day of quiet gladness,
Mount Fuji is veiled
In misty rain.    © Basho

I have had this kind of day today – a day of gladness – together with my oldest grandchild. Not exactly quiet but in great and deep confidence about life and sharing. Talking about important issues and feelings. In connection characterized by love and understanding. The most important life values I can imagine. How thankful I can be – and I am.
Everybody reflect about the question:
What’s the meaning of life?
My answer is:
To raise children who takes (very) good care of their – also other’s –  children and raise them to good and caring humans.
… oh my wonderful grandchildren … oh my dear children … you have done so well!
above all tops
no mountain can reach – true
humanity to find
I have my two worlds and I am so thankful for them. My roots in Sweden – so very deep – I can follow back when starting the records – early 1600. And my step out into the gem of Europe – center of culture and performing arts – a ”melting pot of all people” – as I see Budapest in Hungary. As you know I find people outstanding the most interesting .. and in Budapest I can mingle anonymously as much as I ever want. I love it! I appreciate it so much. Soon I will take off again! Lots of events planned.
But … I think you would never guess where in our world I would like to move if I could have my inner wish come true …. Try! … You have a chance to guess now.
dear mountain
keeping a mother’s deepest
of all truth
… and I promise my warmest hug and a memorable kiss for the right answer!
The Pink Dragonfly by me

Carpe Diem: #1141 Japan, the journey begins.

All Winds – In Right Time

I picked two of my Tarot cards. The cards I got from my youngest daughter. About Goddesses. I wrote about them in the beginning of this pilgrimage.
Well now … thinking about ”arriving at the right moment” …. thinking more … cannot remind me any wrong moments arrival … so … in my mind … I arrive in the right moment … or if not … I probably make it right …

The Goddess of Sea and The Goddess of Love – were my two cards for today. Now I think about being The Eternal Minister of All Winds in The Royal Republic of Ladonia. All these titels arriving in my mind … maybe the right moment … or not … Do you know about Ladonia?

All Winds Ministry’s – declaration:

-“All Winds” is the predecessor to free movement everywhere and encourages all types of boundless movement – forward, backward, upward, downward, inward, outward, beyond, within, around, pirouettes, minuets, jumps, leaps and pas de deux. All Winds demonstrates how space is gained and free movement defended.-

… now … how to tie all together …

on pilgrimage
walking side by side with love
in all winds
from everywhere in right moment
touched by the sea and so trustful

… hope you enjoyed this odd read and I assure you – you arrived just in time – the right time!

Tarot Cards for Today - Goddesses of Sea and Love.

Carpe Diem: #1140 arriving at the right moment.

Most Best

Listening – so important! Not only the listening to other people which indeed is essential in communication. But also to your inner voice. This I have been very good at lately – but wasn’t before. Before I listened to everybody else’s inner (mostly not expressed in words) voices. That was then. While working. Now is ”after work” and I like that so much. Every age has been exciting and I have always liked the age I’m in. I love my grey hair and like it to shine just as much as when it was blond.
Back to ”listening” … I seem to flood outside subject …. and I seem to focus a lot about myself … perhaps it’s ok when on a pilgrimage … is it?
… so back to listening …

in wind’s melody
I can see all the flowers – dancing
to the voice of nature
the carol I feel – I am
most best listening to

… you know … I am an ”observer” … and I am … what Susan Cain call ”Quiet” … and above that – like spicing it up – I am very curious …
I am very busy being me … on my pilgrimage … and 24 hours ”After Work” … and I like it!
I ❤ it!

Ps. Sometimes I choose the wrong word. Like ‘quite’ in stead of ‘quiet’ …  it’s all about spelling … that English!

Crazy Art by me - Swinging my Life

Swinging while Listening.


Observing while Listening.

Carpe Diem: #1139 Listening.

Worldly Hospitality

That’s a perfect word today when US president declare NO hospitality for some people in our world. Boundaries are pushed from a human moral perspective. One thing is the politics and another the personality. The person behind. Expressions and behavior. Human behavior – peoples behavior – is there anything more interesting!?

like hydrogen
united with oxygen – traveling
in all conditions
prerequisites for humans
ought to function fully

Due to the destructive forces existing in our world – borders of course need to be controlled. A sad reality.

Theresa May and Donald Trump had a meeting. It went well as far as I know – politically. Every time DT opens his mouth …. I think …
-What kind of man is this person?

In front of the world – after their meeting …
‘He said that when he meet a new person he quickly knows if he likes the person or not. He liked TM.’ Gosh!
Talking like this at the press conference in front of the world. Politics reduced to feelings. Thinking about our three brains – three levels – for being and reacting. I haven’t – so far – heard this man even coming close the sense level. He behave more like a blunt and overgrown teenager. A president who likes alternative truth and wants media to shut up. He doesn’t give a likable presentation of himself.
What will happen …
I cannot understand the mass of people …

Blue Photo - The Danube & Erzebeth Bridge, Budapest.


Carpe Diem: #1138 Hospitality.

Hacking Humans

In times – now – when war is about hacking. Hacking into computers, hacking into elections, hacking into …. sounds almost like hacking has become automatic. Automatically interfere into other’s business.
So next step – I think – will be …

birth and death
automatic constants in nature
also erasing

… hacking into humans. Like making tomatoes taste more. To hack into humans you only need the carefully prepared food to make people like, behave and vote as you wish. Scientifically it’s possible of course. Just a matter of time.
So beware about what you put into your body!
The history of hacking has started.
-The destructive human – so sad!

Dessert - Crème Brulé

Daily Prompt: Automatic.
Skrivpuff: Historik.