Lund today

Street Photo Lund City © Birgitta Rudenius

Orosmoln över Lund.
Domkyrkans torn i bakgrunden – framåt mot Stortorget.

Är så nöjd med dagens foto med objektivet EF 50mm F/1.4 USM. 
I veckan anländer säkert mitt nya EF 35mm.

Bulls in Lund

Idag blev det av att jag hälsade på tjurarna som man ser från motorvägen högt uppe på kullarna när man är på väg in mot Lund norrifrån. Jag var på cykeltur idag. 28 km blev det och i helt underbart men lite blåsigt väder.

Jag har länge velat se tjurarna på nära håll.

Bulls on the hill outside Lund. Bulls on the hill outside Lund. Bulls on the hill outside Lund. Bulls on the hill outside Lund.

Choosing Color in BW

I really like this function a lot! My Power Shot G12 allows me to pick a color to save. I can pick any color I want. Here I choose three different colors.

Save one color to BW.Save one color to BW.Save one color to BW.Save one color to BW.

Passport to Spring

Just a wonderful day today … in Lund … Sweden … All the students were out in the city … enjoying the sun … some with a bottle of wine …

all the chatting
like ripple on the sea surface
when eyes are shut

… in the centre square … like a passport into the spring …
…. where I too …. enjoyed the sun.

Stortorget in Lund, Sweden.

Daily Prompt: Passport.

We have a dream

I went to Lund Art Hall today because I wanted to see the photo exhibition ”We have a dream”. Wonderful photo portraits all of them. Only one I didn’t like and also didn’t understan why it was there. I will tell you in the end of my post about this.

It was strong feelings when reading about these fantastic humans. So strong I couldn’t see and read about all of them so I must go back another day. Actually I often go to the Art Hall.

culture in life
feelings in every cell – strong
soul of human art

Two heroes Yeonmi Park from North Korea …

Yeonmi Park

…and Nadia Murad from Irak

Nadia Murad 

So strong women!
I remember when I first heard about the yazidi women and how they were treated I wrote a poem …

sisters holding hands
were brutally torn apart
the cold knife spoke death

… after reading this.

When I saw Jan Eliasson 2nd in UN I thought he should be changed …. and that Anders Kompass should be there in his place! Anders Kompass did a great thing for the abused children – abused by UN soldiers. Jan E didn’s stand up for Anders K or for the children!
What has Jan Eliasson done except being true to his political party in Sweden!!!!