Day: 2016-12-15

Lili Ország show

I went to Buda Castle tonight to see the show inspired by Hungarian artist Lili Ország. It was a mystical show and I didn’t understand all of it. Suppose I have learn more about LO. The dancers where very talented and with great passion in their roles. The piano player too.

First time I have been to a dance performance about a painter artist. Music – Dance – Art all three together in this performance – very innovative and creative – I like!

Buda Castle



Flute ‘n Sky Fiddle

When listening to this lovely music I feel I am in the highlands. Running happily up and down the hills. The weather is just awesome and the meadow full of small wild flowers in every thousands of colors. Stone walls meander cheerfully like in a round dance. And the birds are singing in the air …

flute ‘n sky fiddle
-I’m coming down the mountains
my little seed beak,
he sang and played intensely
bird maid listened by all heart

Carpe Diem: #1097.
Serenade in D major by Ethel Smyth.

The talented English composer and suffragette Ethel Smyth.

Crazy Art by me - I'm the kind that is fathful - to my Free Soul

I’m the kind

No crazy thoughts popping up today on my walkabout over and between the bridges. I was too busy with testing camera settings in this half misty day. Soon I will look at my photos but first that only poem coming in my head when I was almost at home. I think it is a little folly …. or?

I’m the kind of
You weren’t

I’m the kind that wants
You weren’t

I’m the kind that
not betray
You weren’t

Daily Prompt: Folly.

“The reason birds can fly and we can’t is simply because they have perfect faith, for to have faith is to have wings.” J.M. Barrie

The Chain Bridge over the Danube in Budapest

Crazy Art by me - New Perspective

Pratbubblor för av-bråkstakning.

Tänk om vi kunde ha pratbubblor – som i serietidningarna – i verkligheten? tänkte jag. Sedan funderade jag på vad det skulle kunna vara bra för. Det vore ju som en ständig demonstration med plakat fast pratbubblor. Hur skulle det se ut i kommunen!

Men förstås om man hade avsökningar – typ sådana de måste ha på Facebook och Twitter m.fl. – så skulle man snabbt hitta pratbubblor som kom från bråkstakar. Lät man sedan pratbubblorna ta över kontrollen – över sina respektive bråkstakar – och placerade dem i speciella bås – för att sedan av-bråkstaka dem – hade det ju varit toppen. Kommunen var idel öra.

Varje bråkstake som lät sig av-bråkstakas skulle kunna få en bonus, motionerade man i kommunens fullmäktige. Motionen bi-fölls förstås inte då de flesta politikerna hade gått iväg för att se Braveheart som visades just den kvällen.

Skrivpuff: Välj 5 ord på B och skriv om minst 2 av dem.
Bubbla, brave, bråkstake, bi-,bonus.

Ps. Jag väljer alltid de orden som först poppar upp. Ibland blir det tokigt – som tur är. Gillar denna utmaning 🙂

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and
I’m not sure about the universe.”
― Albert Einstein