With Love – QUEEN in Life

I saw you. In cyber. I wanted you! So very much. Said it was perfect and that you looked so smart. You answered. You looked upon me with younger eyes. Didn’t see me as ‘ an old woman’.  In a way you are right. My soul is young and so is my heart. But! My years are my treasure chest. I want every single to be counted up to date. I like my age. Actually I love my age. It’s just so perfect for me!
So is you!

black and white
in it’s most gorgeous perfect way
queen of life

I cannot wait …. I know you will arrive in a few days …

Never underestimate an old WOMAN born in June - listening to QUEEN

You suggested but I wanted …

Never underestimate an old WOMAN born in June - listening to QUEEN

To Queen store.

Carpe Diem Namasté,
The Spiritual Way #3 spiritual love based on Zen Buddhism.

Raven - Far and Close

Renewal is Revival after Pillage

There is such mess in our world! The worst made by human hands. Worst because somebody made a choice of pillage. There are always humans to blame in this case. Well of course the nature itself also creates disasters. But not by a choice … I think – with my kind of knowledge … so far. I’m fascinated by the power of nature. Very much. And by contrasts … as you already know. The good and bad – pillage …. so to say.

stumps and splinters
chipped and left by nature forces
sad pillage
a desert of disaster might prosper
if invaded by energy of origin

Daily Prompt: Pillage.

“A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.” Albert Einstein

 View - Fuerteventura Desert Landscape

Crazy Art by me - Animation - The Solitary Leaf

A Solitary Leaf

These days in our world it is like – …

… while the days role on and – somewhere there you are – with your enthusiasm for life – you enjoy – you experience – ….

… then suddenly – like a flash from the sky – actually the reality – somewhere – you are hit – very hard – and paralyzing – by a kind of lid – for a while – …

… then you rise and – go on with your life – finding the way back to your enthusiasm – your joy for life – experiencing – …

… with a new needle – like a knit gnawing – somewhere  reminding – or telling you – something …

… you don’t want to listen to!

So I don’t!

a solitary leaf
and the blue river of life

I go on – in my life – I take the hits from all the lids – and I go on with my life.

Daily Prompt: Enthusiasm.

Crazy Art by me - The Solitary Leaf

thinking about these horrible ‘t’ attacks

Photomania - Blue Knot

Bara en tanke

En tanke for bort.
Tog en helt ny väg
än den gamla vanliga.
Där fanns inga ledande
Inget bränsle heller.
Bara en tanke
om att utforska
i det fria.
En tanke om att
… kanske.

Skrivpuff: Skäl.

Stylish box

The question is!

What I find stylish
may not be what
you find stylish.

I have my taste
and you yours.
I have my
and you have yours.

A style is always
made up.

The question is:
Do you follow a style
or do you make your
own style?

Daily Prompt: Stylish.

Stylish box

MACRO - Kulturkrock - Clash of Cultures

Clash of Cultures

It can never be a mistake
when different cultures meet,
I think.
Something new is to be born
fertilizing the future,
I think.
We can all benefit from this
if we are openminded
and know our  human inner self,
I think.

Daily Prompt: Mistake.

Street Photograph - After Sziget festival

My way

I turn to happiness when I realize and learnt something new about myself. Something that will make me better and more skilled in a way.
I just had such a moment.
Thanks to a photographer in a group I’m a member.

This was about cropping photos. At the same time it was a much bigger issue.

I know I am contrasts – ….

At the same time as I tend to stick to rules I also hate rules and snub them. It depends on what it is about – mostly.

In my head there are rules about how you are towards other people. Very very important rules. If people brake these ”rules” I react. Misbehavior towards children are worst! That’s about moral.

I’m very good at ”thinking out of the box”. I just cannot follow food recipes or knitting patterns – I just have to do it my own way. In my creativity I brake rules all the time.

Yet I discovered I didn’t when cropping photos! I was sticking to 2×3 3×2 3×4 and 4×3. Ups!

Nobody can tell me what to do – I must realize myself and I myself must want to – but I’m listening and watching very carefully, sometimes asking … then … always my way rules.

Thanks to JB!

Ps. Perhaps I should set up some rules for me to follow … ha ha …


Jag - BR

It’s all about me – deep down

Daily Prompt: Depth.

It’s all about
and perhaps

There are different layers
shallow and deep.

Maybe you meet
the shallow open
Maybe you
will know
the deeper reflecting

You will never join up
with the deepest

The depth in every human
is about being true
to the real

I told you!
It’s all about me
deep down.

Sorry! There is no God!

…in heaven you are a golden bridge

Daily Prompt: Frail.

back then
a long time ago
I heard it very often
in church

he said
you are so frail
and weak

he spoke
to the people
about the people
he said his words
came from God

I didn’t believe
it then
now I know
it’s so fatally

fatally because
so many
let themselves
be fooled

But I remember I liked this one about childhood faith by Lapplisa.

”Do you still have your faith from childhood …. in heaven you are a golden bridge. ”

Crazy Art by me - Animation - The Solitary Leaf

A touristing little leafe

Daily Prompt: Tourist.

I am a tourist in a world. In a giant Universe. On a little spot on Earth. On my journey I visit some other places to broaden my mind and experience the foreign.
Tiny places in the giant space.
I am a tourist in one kind of a world.
I really am.

Sometimes I am on another journey. I am touristing the string world. A world with no borders but lots of floating crossings. A world for experiencing the nonexistent.
And it is so exciting.
I am and I am not.

My last trip will come sooner or later. The final destination is unknown and my ticket is open.
This tour is the end and I die.
The tourist took off.

Animation - A falling little leafe

Hon visste att världen var större

Skrivpuff: Ta en bok. Välj en slumpmässig mening i slutet av boken.
Andra verkar reserverade och slutna men har ett rikt och fascinerande inre liv.” s.333.
Quiet av Susan Cain.

Hon skapade alltid osäkerhet.
Hon upplevdes som ett hot.
Stämningen i rummet förändrades
så snart hon visade sig.
Viskningarna började.
Blickarnas meningsutbyten.
Fördolda antydningar.

Påhoppen hade minskat
med tiden.
De bet inte på henne.
Men frustrationen tycktes öka.

Hon deltog aldrig i skvallret.
Hon deltog inte med förtal.
Hon var aldrig en del av
den gängse normen.
Den låga arbetsmoralen.
Hon verkade utanför
denna arbetskultur
med dess etiska brister.
Tyst i sin inre styrka.

Trots bemötandet
var hon alltid öppen
och saklig
-mot alla-
med distinkt integritet
och kompetens
vilket både irriterade
och beundrades
i viss enskild tysthet.

Hon vek aldrig ifrån
sina inre ideal
från sin plats
på ett metaplan.

Hon visste att världen var större.



Jag skriver för livet

Skrivlusten: Rimlig.

jag tänkte på livet

livets olika skeden

alla dessa liv
och sedan dör man


som lite kuriosa
gav jag mig själv namn
för varje liv
efter hur jag tänkte att
jag fungerade
under perioden

Barndomen – Betraktaren
Ungdomen – Upplevaren
Mogenlivet – Mångfaldskonstnären
Efterlivet – Levnadskonstnären

innan jag dör så
fortsätter jag att resa

”Skriv för livet!”
som jag brukar säga
och göra

Låter det rimligt?

Jag skriver för livet!

Me and my companion

Me and my companion

Daily prompt: Companion.
Skrivpuff: Speaking about.

I wish the sun
was my faithful

I hope health
will be my true

I know my Canon
is my cheering