Dag: 2016-12-07

CAFe Budapest

A String Burst

awakened mind
when ears embrace flowing tones
a string burst
another world seemed intrusive
I surrender in your arms

Carpe Diem: #1089.
Divertimento in D minor, Op. 3, no. 3 by Anna Bon di Venezia.

A completely new acquaintance to me this lady. Very interesting to get to know her. Have been very curious about Mozart’s sister. Have heard she was very talented too. Hard for women at that time. Thanks Kristjaan for highlighting Anna Bon di Venezia!


Most of all … I want!

I want to protest
against all evil things
going on in
our world.

I want to protest
against all religions
keeping mankind
back in dark ages.

Most of all …
I want to protest
against cruelty
and child abuse!

Daily Prompt: Protest.