Day: 2016-12-14

Blue Street Music

A Lead Sheet

When reading about this challenge and when I saw ”The Great Wall” my mind thought about another wall. Not the Chinese one. I thought of Hercule’s Corona Borealis Great Wall. Funny isn’t it. Great and great from different perspectives. I would also like to walk on and shoot the Chinese wall. Probably the Chinese wouldn’t like me cause I want Tibet to be free. Until then I will travel the space. And listen to the wall music. But Ayers Rock is a dream to visit. And the Aboriginal lands – Aboriginal’s land.

stars rambling in dark holes
a lead sheet

Carpe Diem: #1096.
The Great Wall of China by Einar Englund.

”One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” Bob Marley

My Moon Stone

Above All

This is a kind of love declaration because I just love stones. I always pick stones – or they pick me actually. I have bags of stones in my home. They have a story. And in my previous life I lived in a kind of landscape like Tibet or Mongolia but with a  sea view. The most precious to me is my Moon Stone and I’m sure it came from that far outside. To be picked by me.

above all
in the heart of nature
a rugged rock

Carpe Diem: Universal Jane #9. Naked Rock.

My most dearest Moon Stone

I'm a little crazy & I like it

Bolero for Heart & Bath

Spotify has been very nice to me. I usually don’t like when things are made for me on Internet. I want to do myself! Presented music I listened to most during the 2016 in a special list. Now I was in a good mood and the bath tube was filled with hottest water so … I might as well listen when having my refreshing bath.

Turned on …. soft quiet tones …. ah Bolero … Perfect … I started to sneak into the very very very hot water. My nipples turned inwards in fright but I told them it was safe. Perfect music this Bolero I thought while feeling like a mermaid billowing my body like she would do. Following the music. Heavenly this and good for my back – the muscles. The only thing that differ me from a mermaid now is that I can spread out my legs.

I am moving to the music and enjoying heaven. In time exactly to the grand mighty final – the last seconds of Bolero – I drop my head into the water. Splash!

Now ready for next song and shampoo.

by soft pink rose petals
in life

Bolero is a favorit of all times! Combined with dance – ballet or contemporary – oh I can watch interminably. This year I have several times. I admire dancers ability to control their bodies – wow – performed art at highest level. They handle their bodies like a director his/her orchestra.

Maya Plisetskaija is also a favorit – she is a terrific ballet dancer – here choreographed in contemporary by another favorit Maurice Béjart.
Now listen and take your bath! Follow the music … enjoy!


I could go on writing about next …. but … maybe later … I got up to Zorba’s dance.


Crazy Art by me - Talking the World with You

Quotes & Ideas

Well well well … this is really something to be a bit sharper on … I think … Hopefully I can think in ”My Threes” in this one too. Mostly I think in three – the holy number (to me). Not at all religious!!!!!

1st – The largest question – conundrum – is to find that very very simple answer to how the very very complex Universe happens. Why choose ‘happens’? Because I reject the more specific and find a simple word best here.
And I’m sure the answer is simple because the subject is so complex.

2nd – The funny question – conundrum – is for example joking about dear neighbors. Swedish people do that a lot about Norwegian people. I think Finnish people do that about Swedish people. Ha ha!

3rd – The wise words – conundrum – Words that make you reflect about yourself, other people and our behaviour in the world. We all have our favorites don’t we!? I too and here are a few.

”In its basic sense, trust is essential to every conversation. In conversation as such we deliver ourselves over into the hands of another we are ‘in the power of’ the other’s words and conduct.” Knud Løgstrup (Dk)

”Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful.” Lucius Annaeus Seneca

”To write is to regain your balance” – Patrick Modiano, Nobel Prize in Literature 2014.

”Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people” –
Eleanor Roosevelt

“Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”
― Viktor E. Frankl –

Daily Prompt: Conundrum.

Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.” Bob Marley

Crazy Art by me - Scarlet Crabfish Claw

I Lied Yesterday

I’m sorry! I lied yesterday. I totally forgot about one occasion. We were invited to an August festivity – a crayfish party. Lots of shots and songs around the table. But it wasn’t actually the ”shots” that made me feel bad – looked like I was drunk. I was really sick. It was the crayfish – possibly together with the snaps. After I felt an immense aversion to crayfish and do so today too.

scarlet claws
crayfish comes closer
as winner

So – No thanks to crayfishes!

Seafood delicacies – Yes please!

Yeah! I just got an extra Day. Thought it was the 15th …. Tjohooo!


Crazy Art by me - Sad eyes

Yazidi Women

The 16th of November 2014 I wrote about Yazidi girls. I was so sad and also angry when I come to know what had happened to them in Irak.

Haiku – Senryu.

Sisters holding hands
were brutally torn apart
the cold knife spoke death.

Thinking about Yazidi girls – How cruel can men be! Obviously worse than animals. Also:  

Now two years later two of the escaped women won The European Parliament’s Sakharov Prize. They have told their story to the world. So amazingly strong done!

Nadia Murad Basee and Lamiya Aji Bashar were among thousands of Yazidi girls and women abducted by IS militants and forced into sexual slavery in 2014.” BBC news. Euractiv. Ctvnews.

För min del vill jag hylla dem med en bild jag precis gjort.

And I will be sad until all girls in the world are freed. Then I will draw a happy eye.

Skrivpuff: För min del.

Crazy Art by me - Sad eye