Black and White Solitude

Now we are talking

Daily Prompt: Solitude.

Now we are talking!

S o l i t u d e
just taste the word
let it dance in your mind
and dress your sight

The S o l i t u d e
let it stand out
assert itself
that powerful
only the real strong one
is able to

Being a S o l i t u d e
is about
being strong and stand out
in the crowd
as well as

S o l i t u d e
is one of my favorite … words … sights … feelings …

Black and White Solitude Standing Strong

ELVIS – Only the strong will survive.

At least one more

Skrivpuff: Skärpa.

long days are not enough
for words and
I need some sharpness
in dark nights as well

to turn my life in stories
notated and written down
twisted around and shopped
in the kind of picture style
just wait a minute
at least one more story
I have to tell

BW - Rainy steps Moody Blue – ELVIS

At least one more was originally published on PHOTO – POETRY – CRAZY ART