event_20140328_metro4a Idag var det invigning av M4 i Budapest. Metron som går förbi Gellert och stora marknaden. Jag åkte naturligtvis denna linjens första dag. Dessutom var jag ju nere i underjorden medan tunnelbanan byggdes. Tillsammans med andra Europafotografer. Vi gick under Donau då från pest till Buda.
Massor med folk passade på att åka. Det är gratis fram till söndag kväll.


Veckans fönster – Trafikerat.
Weekend in BW.

Free to go with M4 (green) until Sunday evening.


WPC – Inside

Inside the Cat Café in Budapest.


The cat at the door – the watch cat above.

cat_20140315_2  The cat with a moustasche.


The cat in top floor. Then there are several more cats to make friends with in this cosy café.

 Fototriss – Grodperspektiv.

Just me


Beginning a new year
Me and my Camera
What will come in our way?
What will I capture?
What will capture me
and my Camera?

We are just in the beginning
of a new year’s ”journey”.
I am ready
Are you?

Weekend in BW.

One of it’s kind


Waiting for a mail
or two?
Longing for a letter
or a X-mas greeting?
Life is a lot of waiting.
Why not write a greeting
while waiting?
Feel free to make
less of waiting!

Wishing you all the best.
Merry Christmas!

Weekend in BW.

WPC – Unexpected

It was totally unexpected with this awesome sunset tonight. The bridge to the left runs between Sweden and Denmark. The bridge in the front is out to the cold bathhouse at sea. A young couple in the end.


WPC – Unexpected.