Katie Melua

Piece by Piece

Wish I were more capable just now. No sleep last night. Had the flow when making some things – writings and …

bridge in mist
the troubled souls walk over
mine cleared

… thinkings and drawings … how lucky I am. To have that terrific flow I mean 😉
And I like my haiku – it contains different meanings – what about last line 😉

Well I remembered today to visit the Geisha exhibition and it was very interesting. I’m glad I did. Despite the depressing grey weather and unsafe walking in snowy streets. But the Chain Bridge looks great in any weather. That’s for sure!

maybe a favorit
there are some treasures in mind
worth saving
while memories fade away
piece by piece

Some moody weather, isn’t it? The Parliament almost vanished behind the Chain Bridge.

Chain Bridge in mist and ice in the Danube.

Daily Prompt: Capable.

There is a song ”Piece by Piece” with Katie Melua – a beautiful one. She is really good! Men min favorit är ”The closest thing to Crazy”.