Music lines

Why worry

Daily Prompt: Envelope Pushers.
When was the last time you took a risk (big or small), and pushed your own boundaries — socially, professionally, or otherwise? Were you satisfied with the outcome?

I do I do I do
all the time
when it’s about

And I like it
is a way of

To soon
you are
Out of time
Why worry
don’t Sacrifice.

It’s not worth it
open your window
your fences

That’s all right …..


Morning Mondays

My music lines – the very 1st one.

Morning Mondays make me – wonder
will the week be nice to me
Morning wonders make me – feel
lusty sad in my attentive soul.

Weekend failures left me inquisitly – alone
will coming days answer me
Weekend lonely friends drift – away
leaving my precious space to grow.

I’m my happy own
sad and all alone
I’m my happy own
sad and all alone
Free from hearts of stone
happy all alone
happy all alone.

Ja ja ja – trots allt ett försök – mitt första – utan någon som helst förkunskap – men som sagt: jag gillar att testa 🙂