Day: 2016-12-29

What else but

Heaven and earth. Water and sky. What else but …

as raindrops fall from lips
touching the sky
when sliding softly
down the rainbow

… doesn’t raindrops fall from the sky? Well now! They fall from clouds, don’t they? And of course from lips. Because it is only then – they can touch the sky. And have that nice slide away …

… probably to heaven.

Or what do you think?

Blue Cleared Minds

 Carpe Diem: #1111
Oniria by Bruno Sanfilippo.

Like a turn off

Walking about today. After being to the big market buying goat cheese and fresh salmon. So many people out here now. Just like some days before Christmas. There isn’t a single hotell room now I heard on TV. Well it is nice to celebrate New Year in Budapest. Some window shoppings along Váci and then a ‘pop up’ …

that fucking ear ring – like
a turn off

-Oh my! what am I thinking about – or who? I wonder while in my steps….

Actually I know. But it is my secret. For now

… hoping some more funny poems will turn on …

Crazy Art by me - Unaware Earring

Sunset in Budapest

Carmen at MÜPA

Tonight at MÜPA I saw Carmen (Bizet) as contemporary dance. It was Kecskemét City Balett Company. It was a completely  unique setup and the opening scen extraordinary. Oh how I would like to have a photo. The only disappointment was that Carmen was not that very very good as she should be. And I thought all the time about how great my favorite Alexandra would do in that role. But I got a favorite for this night – Nikolett Nagy. She was outstanding in her balanced complex movements related to music. There was also another dancer – the shortest and blond – have to ask about her name. The choreography made the audience breathless about how strong feelings were delivered from scene.
And I am impressed about the scene settings – unique and creative.

Levente Bagossy set design, Julcsi Kiss costumes, Zoltán Katonka lighting, assistant choreographer, Tünde Frigyesi director’s assistant, Sándor Domján, Ákos Czeglédi director and choreographer,
Dóra Barta director and choreographer

Next and also last on my program 2016 is the Nutcracker (for 2nd time) on Friday. Looking forward for sure! As you can see in the program link I have been busy about culture. Hopefully 2017 will be the same. I’ve already bought tickets for Dance festival and Spring festival. In between i have to go home too.

MÜPA – The Theatre changing colors.

MÜPA - Theatre that change colors Budapest