Catfishing on Internet - Pain in the as!

Permit NO Catfishing

Råkar ni ut för ”catfishing”? Vilket otyg det är!
Permit NO Catfishing!

nu har jag gjort
en insats och spridit fula fiskar
som en varning

Jag har gjort en webbsida och en facebooksida som varning. Gärna för spridning. Många behöver nog en varning.

Catfishing on Internet - Pain in the as!

Skrivpuff: Spridit.
Daily prompt: Permit – no Catfishing!



2017-03-01 …. 04-24 började utmaningen på min politiska blogg <> världsomfattande intresse – jobbigt sådant – flyttade jag innehållet till en nyskapad blogg <> så att det finns kvar.
Så småningom hoppas jag den ursprungliga bloggen – – kommer att ‘peka’ hit.

2017-04-25 …. 06-08.
Nu fortsätter jag i denna bloggen utmaningen ut … resten av de 100 dagarna …. vill ju helst inte bryta … Här finns min fortsättning under taggen #blogg100.

Eftersom jag skriver haiku och poesi mm här får jag väl hitta på ngt som kan passa …

experiencing the odd
in a mysterious cyber world
starting a new take off

Det finns så många fina väggmålningar nu för tiden. Jag har flera favoriter.
Denna är ganska ny – i Budapest finns den.

Mural - Street Art - Wall Art Budapest.

Blogg100 – Utmaningens hemsida.


What kind of DOG am I?

What kind of dog am I?

Du är en gatukorsning!

Du är konstnär och rebell samtidigt och kan inte sorteras in i något fack. Tack vare din utpräglade livserfarenhet kan du glänsa med hundratals berättelser på alla fester. Dessutom är du söt och har det där extra som gör dig oemotståndlig.


You are an intersection! (street crossing we say in Sweden)

You are an artist and rebel at the same time and can not be sorted into any compartment. Thanks to your distinctive life experience can shine with hundreds of stories on all the parties. Also, you are sweet and has that special something that makes you irresistible.


Never CLICK to share! Take a screen shot if you want to share!
Never CLICK to share!


Today I am so inspired by the Pilgrimage. It’s about an incredibly important topic! We have to watch out when on Internet. We don’t know who is in the other end. Is it really that nice and charming person or is it a devil? And I am the kind that wants to be openminded and welcoming. But …

high in the sky
against the blueish of blue
the white of an eagle         © Chèvrefeuille

© Chèvrefeuille – Right on the point!

I will use a haiku I wrote some days ago because it fits well here too:

you know
hawks are hunting – but only
in the sky

…. at the same time my integrity is very important and I am not stupid. I can take a fight and I do about catfishing (my webpage with useful links) and on Facebook. One of the latest has got himself a lot of female friends in a short time.

Sometimes I get tired of myself – about such kind of fighting – …

-Why bother! I say to myself. I have bothered all my life. It’s enough!

-It’s time for ”after work” now, I keep saying to myself. But I don’t seem to listen.

What to do with myself? 
Advice much appreciated ….

Blue doves

Carpe Diem: #1118 Recklessness.

Budapest by night - River Danube, Buda Castle, Statue of Liberty and Chain Bridge

Catfishing on Internet

Well well well – There is fishing and there is fishing!

As having great interest in people and their behaviour I will choose to focus on ”catfishing” – fishing on Internet. It’s such a fraudulent activity.

Often young far eastern men targeting women. Often the lonely ones – the vulnerable. I sometimes get questions about friendship on Facebook. Very odd ones. Luckily I’m not vulnerable or weak, maybe lonely sometimes. When it happens I get militant and combative – I take a fight for a better world – even on Internet. I also have warned some women. And they were thankful.

Like when working against mobbing – I aim to show the bad behaviour – yes make it real – describe – show in pictures – a clear picture about the phenomenon.

So I made a webpage and I made a Facebook page. Sometimes it’s so stupid!

”Pierre Oblin” a general in US army – What general will make a Facebook page like this? And why contact me!? Isn’t it stupid! So insane! I would like very much to hang out the ”figure”  behind this.

Catfishing on Internet

Daily Prompt: Fishing.

Fuerteventura - Sky Wall

Warning for #Catfish

There are nice and good fish
even delicious fish.

Then there are really ugly fishes
fishing around in Internet
to capture trusting people
in there nets
They are called ”Catfish”
and are bad persons
hiding behind a false

I  often get requests on Facebook. I have warned some women. And I have made both a webpage and a facebook page about Catfishing.

Daily Prompt: Fish.

Here is an example … behind probably a young far eastern man/boy.