Bulls in Lund

Idag blev det av att jag hälsade på tjurarna som man ser från motorvägen högt uppe på kullarna när man är på väg in mot Lund norrifrån. Jag var på cykeltur idag. 28 km blev det och i helt underbart men lite blåsigt väder.

Jag har länge velat se tjurarna på nära håll.

Bulls on the hill outside Lund. Bulls on the hill outside Lund. Bulls on the hill outside Lund. Bulls on the hill outside Lund.

My Love!

standing strong
in full bloom dressed purple
my heart bow

My feelings for nature and reading the post … the haiku was strong and wanted to be presented first. And I just follow my feelings and instincts …

the squirrel
grabs the fir cone in delight
a pulse of love

There are so many kinds of love in nature … a richness … a generosity … sharing … cykling … consensus … collusion … movements …. I will call it pulse.

(sometimes its difficult for me to find the right words, I’m sorry for that, I so wish my English was better)

The pulse of nature … the pulse in nature … the pulse out of nature …the pulse of grows and evolution in nature … that extraordinary energy and power … the pulse … only nature possesses …

osprey wings shiver
when ocean depth roar desperately
bay lost again
nature sometimes takes away
for new to soon be welcomed

… and I am just an observer … but also a part … which goes with a responsibility … for all of us.

my deepest love
for that mighty creativity
only in nature
when meeting the you
only to pulse together

… could be read … ‘my love’ … instead of … ‘the you’ …

My love!



Carpe Diem #1176 Theme Week Hafiz (2) lover.

In the Mountain

Writing ghazal – what a challenge! I had to look up some Swedish explanation and found also Swedish poets in this kind of poetry. Gustav Fröding is one of our great poets.

I will try …

I wanted to travel to the best view on a mountain.
I thought your secret was hidden on the mountain.

The clouds always brought love letters from the top.
And the stamps had a great picture of your mountain.

The birds in the sky were singing the content to me.
Their wings made traveling easier to my mountain.

The flowers on the ground made my steps lighter.
Their colors brightened my way up to the mountain.

In every breath I felt your welcoming and longing kiss.
Kisses like snowflakes covering the top of my mountain.

Last day sun is burning hot and hiding behind your top.
You made it Sofi! now rewarded and worth the mountain.

Well well well … that feels very constructed … probably has to be worked on more … so I can feel I am content with it … but however … its my first …. and I wonder …

in the mountain
the most grounded can be found
only my soul

… as always …. wonder I do … will it be the last?

Bruksvallarna Sweden 2008

 Carpe Diem Universal Jane # 12 Mountain View.

A Cocktail for Life

lies within the listener –
a cuckoo’s call
(c) Chiyo-Ni

morning glories –
in the middle of a dream

(c) Chiyo-Ni

I pick up the loneliness thread …. It’s a bit sad thinking about loneliness … or? Being alone doesn’t mean loneliness. I often like to be alone. Worst is when people feel loneliness when being with other people, I think.

travelled sadly to the heart
raindrops falling

Nobody should need to feel loneliness in a caring society. When will we get there?
So far … just a dream…
dreaming high
a struggle up the mountain
to a shrine view
To dream is crucial important, I think. And just as important is that … the dreams do not have to come true. They just are giving so much feeling-good on the way – while dreaming. To be able to dream you need a good portion of imagination and fantasy. Best spices for living life I think.
honey in mind
smooth start for fantasy – sets
pinecones rolling
Now thinking about how wonderful the coconut oil is for the skin. … Has to be another chapter …
Until then … Please have a cocktail for life ….
A Cocktail for Life!

Carpe Diem #1159 Matto, birthplace of Chiyo-Ni.