78/365 Oförsiktigt

228. Oförsiktigt

Street Photo © Birgitta Rudenius

Milt sagt ‘oförsiktigt’ – egentligen absolut oförlåtligt! Här utsätter ‘den oförsiktige’ andra för risk och fara. Fy för! – för alla slängda masker! Jag fotograferar varje gång jag ser sådana på marken.
Håll reda på din ansiktsmask om du måste använda sådan!

365 foton 2021

B i r g i t t a

Catfishing on Internet - Pain in the as!

Permit NO Catfishing

Råkar ni ut för ”catfishing”? Vilket otyg det är!
Permit NO Catfishing!

nu har jag gjort
en insats och spridit fula fiskar
som en varning

Jag har gjort en webbsida och en facebooksida som varning. Gärna för spridning. Många behöver nog en varning.

Catfishing on Internet - Pain in the as!

Skrivpuff: Spridit.
Daily prompt: Permit – no Catfishing!


Warning for Kale!

Yesterday I experienced a really strong controversy! So strong I had to take fatal action.

I went into the gallery of WordPress Themes … I do … now and then … since I get tired of the one used a while … and I want to try new …

some alternatives
really a lot of wp themes
to check out

… it was for another blog … not this one …

warning for one
named Kale will not work
proper at all

… while checking it out and doing my settings … it broke connection all the time … caused by it’s own building … too much to set … gave less to function … I had to delete it after a long time of persistent trying … so this is a warning … for …

Warning for Theme Kale at WordPress!

Daily Prompt: Controversy.

Fuerteventura - Sky Wall

Warning for #Catfish

There are nice and good fish
even delicious fish.

Then there are really ugly fishes
fishing around in Internet
to capture trusting people
in there nets
They are called ”Catfish”
and are bad persons
hiding behind a false

I  often get requests on Facebook. I have warned some women. And I have made both a webpage and a facebook page about Catfishing.

Daily Prompt: Fish.

Here is an example … behind probably a young far eastern man/boy.