Rose Spoke Poetry

roses of dreams
not only for buzzing bees
for me too

… popped up in my head on the way between Carpe Diem and B_ live. Now I see how wonderful that sounds. ”Seize the day & Be live”. Well, I was both live and alive in my lively head. No emptiness there.
But however I would very much like to praise emptiness. I find it a strong ‘existence’ – life philosophically. Also like ‘a must’ to reflect about.
I have some favorite words. One is ‘beyond’ and the others sound better in Swedish than in English – sorry for that. I even founded up a new – I think – English word to suit what I wanted to express. Favorit nr one is ‘annorlunda’ and in English it would be different or otherwise but they are absolutely to simple!!!! ‘Differwisely’ would be much better. I love ‘differwisely’ people! Have always done. They are fascinating and exciting. They have great and exciting minds. I get so curious. Watching from a distance or I involve. Depends on …

Why did I end up in my pearly words? …. searching for the thread … ah emptiness … I think ‘differwisely’ people sometimes/often feel emptiness … about the outside world … from the lack of understanding surrounding them. Never inside their minds. Some of them doesn’t bother at all. Some are just lost in our world.

people as poetry
when lines telling the story
about roses and thorns

When living in the Emirates I got to know a lot of people. Some Persian. One was a tennis player and he liked my way of swimming and wanted me to teach him to swim and he offered to teach me tennis. Another one was a film maker. He wanted me to see his film … I was so innocent and a naiv Swedish young woman at that time. I’m glad I got me out from that situation. I’m not stupid thanks … who should I thank when I have no god? My parents and my upbringings of course!

like a film
some in vivid colors – some black
with no roses

At that time I hadn’t discovered poetry.
Ha ha … now I remembered the surfer in Abu Dhabi … that was really a funny story … my son had to call for me … I disappeared out in the Arabian Sea … which Persians of course call Persian sea.

gems of sand
singing poetry – in sea
a rose listens

Don’t buy me red roses!
If roses – just
Rose roses.

Abu Dhabi
My son out teaching his dad how to surf.

Daughters in Persian - Arabian Sea
My daughters in Persian Sea.

Carpe Diem: #1165 Roses.

Memorable Kiss

I also want to see Matsuo Basho as my master of haiku.

a day of quiet gladness,
Mount Fuji is veiled
In misty rain.    © Basho

I have had this kind of day today – a day of gladness – together with my oldest grandchild. Not exactly quiet but in great and deep confidence about life and sharing. Talking about important issues and feelings. In connection characterized by love and understanding. The most important life values I can imagine. How thankful I can be – and I am.
Everybody reflect about the question:
What’s the meaning of life?
My answer is:
To raise children who takes (very) good care of their – also other’s –  children and raise them to good and caring humans.
… oh my wonderful grandchildren … oh my dear children … you have done so well!
above all tops
no mountain can reach – true
humanity to find
I have my two worlds and I am so thankful for them. My roots in Sweden – so very deep – I can follow back when starting the records – early 1600. And my step out into the gem of Europe – center of culture and performing arts – a ”melting pot of all people” – as I see Budapest in Hungary. As you know I find people outstanding the most interesting .. and in Budapest I can mingle anonymously as much as I ever want. I love it! I appreciate it so much. Soon I will take off again! Lots of events planned.
But … I think you would never guess where in our world I would like to move if I could have my inner wish come true …. Try! … You have a chance to guess now.
dear mountain
keeping a mother’s deepest
of all truth
… and I promise my warmest hug and a memorable kiss for the right answer!
The Pink Dragonfly by me

Carpe Diem: #1141 Japan, the journey begins.

Statue in Budapest - Sad Lady

Jag vill inte dö – än!

B e r ö r i n g
-Himmel vilket livsviktigt ord, tänker jag genast.
-Hur ska jag kunna skriva om något så viktigt?
-Man kan ju till och med dö om man går miste om detta!
-Jag kommer aldrig att glömma det jag såg och allt jag läste om de rumänska barnhemsbarnen när deras belägenhet visades upp för världen efter den grymme kommunistledaren Ceaușescus fall.
-Beröring är – för mig – ett ord för evigt fastnaglat vid dessa rumänska barnhemsbarn.
-I Ceaușescus kommuniststyrda land bokstavligen dog barn i brist på beröring.
-Grymheterna i världen fortsätter och tycks aldrig ta slut.

-I brist på beröring samtalar jag därför med mig själv.
-Som tur är kan ord beröra.
-Jag vill inte dö – än!

Skrivpuff: Beröring.

Crazy Creativity by me

Crazy Creative

Daily Prompt: Voice Work.
Your blog is about to be recorded into an audiobook. If you could choose anyone — from your grandma to Samuel L. Jackson — to narrate your posts, who would it be?

I had to look Samuel up
didn’t know who he was
but I know
for sure
who I would like
to narrate
my blog
especially the
crazy parts
and pictures
”giggling joyfully*

I would like it
to be
my granddaughter
She is just as
crazy creative
I like
the most

Her picture of me some years ago:

Grandma - Mormor by W


Grädden på livets mos

Skrivpuff: 5 ord på G – skriv om minst 2 av dem.
godtrogen, gammal, grundlig, gapar, grädde

orden ramlar på
det är jag glad för
ja nästan lycklig
skriva är livet
eller? …!

som gammal
enligt barnbarnet
med rakt-på-
-Ska du dö?
-Nej inte än på länge!
Jag vill ju se dig växa upp!

det är detta som är
att leva i grädden
grädden på moset
livets mos
mmm grädden

gräddtiden är

åh vad jag gillar grädde
har alltid gjort
och nu
smakar den
allra bäst


Children’s conditions are most important

Daily Prompt: Ballerina Fireman Astronaut Movie Star
When you were 10, what did you want to be when you grew up? What are you now? Are the two connected?

As very young girl
playing boy’s games
passing every year at school
to be a medical doctor
working in Africa
with children
children’s conditions
are most important
probably I hade worked
as ”Medecines sans frontieres”

-if not …
while in University
I changed my mind
became a teacher
a Specialist Teacher
a Master of Science
still thinking
children’s conditions
are most important

-finally finished …
my working years
as lecturer at the university
for teachers to be
still thinking
children’s conditions
are most important

-to start my new life
free to do anything I like
write what I like
and shooting every day life
right into my blogs
here and there
all around
still thinking
children’s conditions
are most important

Blue Children's conditions are the most important!