A Greater Wide

inner closest
center of everything – needs
a greater wide

This one I really like. It is exactly how everything works. Everywhere. For the flower. For my body. For the nature. For our earth. Universe.

And mind!!!!
NO religion is needed! Only a good portion of reason and an interest for science.


Daily Prompt: Center.

Falling & Rising

Yosa Buson one of ”the big five” (Basho, Issa, Buson, Chiyo-Ni and Shiki) – was born in Kema Settsu, where several waterfalls can be seen.
from far and near
hearing the sounds of waterfalls
young leaves
© Buson

Waterfalls are beautiful – also poetic, dramatic and a fresh nature phenomena. But – there always is a but – I wouldn’t live close to one. Just think – never a quiet moment!  No I prefer visiting waterfalls and enjoy them – get inspired. Now thinking about the beautiful Brudslöjan – The Bridal Veil – between Sweden and Norway. I visited it once skiing – it was all frozen at that time.

like a veil
hiding the shy flower – water
falls covering

Just came home after an evening with Scottish contemporary dancers. Some days ago I enjoyed dancers from Netherlands. So I am in a good mood. Swaying on my cloud-look-alike surfing board on every named waterfall this minute on Internet. So beware – I will visit yours!

water drops
like surfing pirates – with swords
glistering falling

The first Scottish performance today was extraordinary! Also funny. The audience – and of course I – was so amused. First part they performed as if they were the instruments in an orchestra playing classic music. Adorable! And the funny part about birds seducing each other in a human-look-alike flamboyant way. I took that scen with me home smiling all the way.

male bird
seduced by her breast(s) – head
fell like water

I didn’t meet ”my” favorite choreographer this night. Imagine he is too busy with the premier to soon take place which he told me about last time. He looked really tired then. I’m looking forward that performance in a few days. But – there always is a but – before that I have other events to attend. My schedule is fully booked.

I don’t know why I choose this opposite-kind-of-water-fall …. rising water …


I only use my own photos here and … so sorry ….  I don’t find any falling water only rising. Here is a really strong one:

Båstad vattensport

Carpe Diem #1160 Kema, birth-place of Yosa Buson.

In Mist and Water Drops

The five haiku masters in Japan …. Bashō, Issa (Cup-of-tea), Buson, Chiyo-Ni and Shiki – ”the Big Five.”

It really gripped my – todays post at Carpe Diem. I almost felt I sailed up a poetry level. Felt very nice …

ah master
I read your poetry – in the water
you still are

… to be there. But however I am realistic too. I’m not there yet. But I promise – cross my heart … I’m on my way. Cause I so badly want to … I always want to be a better me. Not the best because I have passed that several times. I just want to get better and better …

eternally saved
haiku – in the mountain pediment
painted by Issa

Today I have been so inspired by poetry written by Hamish, Kristjaan and other masters. I think the way of … ”hear your voice in the water stream” …. ”birds chirping in the sound of stones” …. and I bring with me … ”the artist not to be seen in the poetry”. That last one will be difficult … I’m sure. I am also – every day – inspired by haiku by Lize Bard – and responding to them.

Hopefully – some day – I will become a better me … but as I use to say nowadays – I have time.

always take
time for haiku – writings
in mist and water drops

Writing HAIKU in Water Drops - frozen or misty.

Carpe Diem #1158 Kashiwabara,
birth-place of Kobayashi Issa.

Båstad hamn

Today is the day

Daily Prompt: Carefree.

Sonia is feeling very good today. She woke up to a sunny day with the most blue and sky and the deepest blue sea.
-Today is the day to arise, Sonia tells herself, while having that kind of awesome carefree feelings.
And the water exploded under her feet.

Båstad, Sweden today and a made up story.

Båstad hamn