Med Nosen i en Korg


Ja, jag letade en stund i väskan ….

som en larv
klättrandes efter ett skrymsle
under barken

… efter ett minne jag just förlorat …
Men …
Jag valde att skapa nya minnen…

Dixie och Goliath med alla kattungarna.

Skrivpuff: Letade en stund i väskan.


Milton och jag

Ramlade på … i en annan blogg … och förflyttades tillbaka … till oktober 2013 … Budapest … med Milton …

mitt sällskap
på vägen som vandras – där
också vila

… så roligt vi hade … tills … du blev anfallen av en lös rottweiler … och jag fick bära dig ut och hem på kissrundor …du repade dig snabbt … och sedan kom nästa chock … inför hemresan …

av de båda
valde jag det ena – passet
så fel

… jag hade helt enkelt tagit Daisys gamla pass … och inte ditt Milton … du fick din erforderliga spruta inför hemresan … och en nervös matte som sällskap … skulle de upptäcka … att du var pojk … med fel pass …

Vi kom båda hem … så lyckligt!

Milton i Budapest, oktober 2013.

Cats 1st March

I’m smiling – thinking of GP to choose ‘cat’ as prompt when March starts. The yelling soon to start too.
Cats are not very common in Budapest – not seen very much. But I have a cat café close. Very nice! Sometimes I need to pat a cat or dog. Miss so much to not have my own nowadays. It’s just impossible the way I live.

cats amusing
dancing around corners
nine lives

I’m sitting and thinking about cats … and at the same time …watching a ballet at on TV. Beautiful bodies, agile and supple as cats.
How beautiful the natural is!
Also when old I think. How sad when people change their bodies. Really sad. 20170301

Once I wanted to change my nose. Thought it was so big. That was as teenager. When a boy liked me – and I didn’t like him – I turned my profile towards him because I thought with such a nose he cannot like me anymore.
With my first salary I planned to have a surgery. Luckily that didn’t happen. I grew into my nose and now I like it.

B_ live

Talking about cats …I’m very specific about the nose … It must be orange framed dark 😉

Jeppe - Best Cat ever!
Me and my Jeppe.

Skrivpuff: Katt.

Milton Tibetan Spaniel

The unpredictable me

Daily Prompt: Unpredictable.

I wonder
how life would be
if I got me a dog

I know
how much I miss
to have a friend so

I wish
the unpredictable me
will appear

A man and his dog

Why not …

Street Photo - The beautiful Cat Why where you not still there? I went to buy some food for you. I don’t give money in the street. You know I don’t want my money to go to cigarettes and drugs. Yes I know – you didn’t ask for any money – that’s why I wanted to give you some food. Hope to see you another day 🙂

I love your cat – so beautiful! The kind I like best ❤