Free shooting

Jag har gjort en – nej faktiskt två – kopior av ett ögonblick i tiden i en verklighet. Originalet finns kvar men i andra upplagor.

Ögonblick i verkligheten är flyktiga och ibland svårfångade.

Making myself – up for you to enjoy – free shooting.

Skrivpuff: Kopia.

A bird came to drop a feather - Important message.

True and Truly

When I sat reading my book in the City Park today … suddenly you came … flying …

special delivery
when you came all the way to me
to drop a feather

… and dropped this feather to me. Then you landed on a branch just above my head.
This is a great day … I smiled.
And I felt very important.
True and truly indeed.

A bird came to drop a feather - Important message.

Skrivpuff: Viktiga.

Record to be Recorded

Do you know any app … easy to use … so I can record … when out walking … because sometimes … it pops up poetry … in my head … and if I don’t catch them at once … I will forget them …

a record
of walking poetry – in need
to be recorded

… sometimes just funny thoughts … which I would like to think more about … and not forget either …

Today I thought … about something that happened to me several years ago … and I was sad about … then … I thought …. imagine I wanted this to happen … and I made it happen  … though I didn’t know I did … because it was my subconscious that was acting … in my favor …
-Why I thought like this?
-Well, thought about some signs … that could be interpreted that way … and then that odd thought poped up.

Fiskmås i Stadsparken, Citypark Lund, Sweden.

Daily Prompt: Record.