Lili Ország show

I went to Buda Castle tonight to see the show inspired by Hungarian artist Lili Ország. It was a mystical show and I didn’t understand all of it. Suppose I have learn more about LO. The dancers where very talented and with great passion in their roles. The piano player too.

First time I have been to a dance performance about a painter artist. Music – Dance – Art all three together in this performance – very innovative and creative – I like!

Buda Castle


också den här natten

Skrivpuff: 5 ord på L – skriv om minst 2 av dem.
lustig – långsam – lindrande – lagom – lever

Lustigt vad orden poppar upp
som på beställning
inte ett dugg långsamt
utan i ganska lagom takt
så jag känner att jag lever
Skrivpuffandet känns lindrande
som värkmedicin och välbehaget
intar mig fullständigt
också den här natten.

Liszt Academy Budapest

också den här natten was originally published on PHOTO – POETRY – CRAZY ART

#haiku – Blessing

Carpe Diem Tokubetsudesu #45, The Beatitudes.

Two nights before the earthquake in Nepal I dreamt there was one close to me. A long crack about 40 cm wide appeared and I was so amazed. I couldn’t stop taking pictures. No one was hurt in my dream.
I feel so sorry for the people in Nepal – for the children losing parents. It’s so sad. I’m glad I am part of a generous country. Sweden has sent people, search dogs, food and other kinds of help. The Swedish people always send their money when disasters strike in different parts of the world.

IM – is an organisation I like a lot.

This haiku challenge is the hardest ever – for me.

blessing every child
while young ones rebuild the world
no more rejections


Little new year

Carpe Diem #648, Little New Year (Koshogatsu).

Hokkeji ni mamori inu kau koshoogatsu

at temple Hokke-Ji
I buy a dog talisman –
little New Year                     
© Kawai Kayoko

no more good wishes
after little new year life goes on –
echo of fire-works                 © Chèvrefeuille

 little new year
came and suddenly was gone
the huge wall fell down

© Birgitta Rudenius