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Brain Body Soul

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Detta efter att jag besvarade en fråga angående vad kommande decennium skulle kunna innebära för mig.
Alla olika tänkbara konstformer ska få plats. Själv skissar, ritar, målar, skriver, fotograferar jag. Jag tänker alltid i tre – holy three – Brain Body Soul – passar bra i mitt projekt. Next next last – ja det står för var jag befinner mig i livet just nu och i kommande decennium.

So What!!!

EONs of Time and Universe – So What! – Now is now.

Idag fick jag för mig att göra en bild. Jag längtade faktiskt efter det. Det är så kul att se vad det blir. För det blir alltid som det blir. Jag har liten inverkan. Något styr mig. Det kan vara nyansen på en färg. Det kan vara hur ett fält uttrycks i form och färg. Allt tycks ha ett förutbestämt utseende. Jag vet vilket det är när jag ser det. Ibland går det snabbt att hitta – ibland tar det en evighet.  Dock inte EONs av tid. Som tur är.

a cry from somewhere
only me seemed to listen
so I did – it

När bilden var klar och namngiven kollade jag Skrivpuffs tema för dagen. Jag visste innerst inne att det skulle passa. Dock visste jag inte att det skulle passa så perfekt!

Så … alltså … beträffande tid och evighet … mitt inlägg i ‘debatten’ …

So what! – Now is NOW!

-What color is Universe? I asked.
-Purple, he answered.
I agreed and added:
-Yes, he noted.
-And what color is Eternal, I went on.
He thought for a second and answered:
-It depends on … it can be white or black … how each human thinks about Eternal.
-Ok, I said.
-What do you think? he asked me.
-I think that is as right as anything, I answered.

Crazy Art by me - Now is Now! So what!

Skrivpuff: Beträffar.

He was Outstanding

Will there ever be another conductor like him! No, of course not! He was just outstanding! He was one of the reason I started to enjoy classic music. How fascinated I became. Keeping the whole orchestra so strong in ones hands. Fantastic I thought and still think.

In Herbert von Karajan I also found that special sensitivity. I always look for that when it comes to artists of all kinds. Musicians as well as dancers.

Tonight at the premier of ”In our Past – We have the Present” and I met him. My – now – favorite choreographer. Actually he is the director. He was happy I came, he said, after the performance. Most happy I was – of course. How hard he had worked, I noticed. But now ”paid off” with ovations and applauds. He really has a wonderful dance group for his national dance theatre. I got three new favorites tonight. I had Alexandra (left) first and has still of course. She is also outstanding!

Favorite dancers - Budapest
My two favorite female dancers.

One more female dancer now and two male dancers. They have classic schooling – which I want for contemporary dancers. Otherwise it tends to be more gymnastic than dance. So many practicing classic dance and when they grow up they have ‘wrong’ body measures for classic dancers. Life is hard for them. Luckily they can have a career as contemporary dancers.



With Love – QUEEN in Life

I saw you. In cyber. I wanted you! So very much. Said it was perfect and that you looked so smart. You answered. You looked upon me with younger eyes. Didn’t see me as ‘ an old woman’.  In a way you are right. My soul is young and so is my heart. But! My years are my treasure chest. I want every single to be counted up to date. I like my age. Actually I love my age. It’s just so perfect for me!
So is you!

black and white
in it’s most gorgeous perfect way
queen of life

I cannot wait …. I know you will arrive in a few days …

Never underestimate an old WOMAN born in June - listening to QUEEN

You suggested but I wanted …

Never underestimate an old WOMAN born in June - listening to QUEEN

To Queen store.

Carpe Diem Namasté,
The Spiritual Way #3 spiritual love based on Zen Buddhism.