Crazy Art by me - The Locker

But Not – For Flowers

I just made a picture. Or the Picture wanted to be made by me. So it is! I use to listen when pictures want to be painted. Sometimes with pens, crayons and pencils I – myself – don’t like very much. I listen and do it anyway.

When Picture was made I gave it a name. That I am allowed to do actually. Picture got the name ”Locker”. And for a while – when studying the Picture – I wondered:

-What is it you want to tell me?

Then I said:

-Why are you so right on the point (almost) always!?

open minded
though the locker is closed – but not
for flowers

I saved and went to my emailbox. Now I find that one of my favorit haiku writers had made a beautiful poem about locked. My picture is named ”Locker”.

I think …

-the open window with the flattering curtain – to the right – is the ”open minded”
-the locker keeps ”something very important” safe
-”but not – for flowers” is so enormous interesting so I have to go on thinking about this

What could it mean?


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