Blue Photo & Poetry - Summertime

Music ‘n Muscles

My hot bath today turned out to be very peaceful and relaxing. Though Mungo Jerry was first out with ”Summertime”. If you listen carefully it’s not only rushy. It’s goes very well for a mermaid to make her moves in a nice flow. I tested and I liked it. And I would love to be that woman ”on your mind”. Dreaming away – to summer times.
Now next up was Leonard Cohen and ”So long Marianne”. Muscles are now warm and soft so the mermaid opened up to the music. I thought about the ”So long” both to LC and his Marianne this year.

music ‘n muscles
mermaid ready to move away
all pain

Well he didn’t want to leave until he had that ”Last Dance” – which I had saved for him. I was happy and I shook loose my shoulders. One more dance. And he left – it couldn’t be more calm – like as everything around was totally weightless. Me too.

Daily Prompt: Calm.




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