My Moon Stone

Above All

This is a kind of love declaration because I just love stones. I always pick stones – or they pick me actually. I have bags of stones in my home. They have a story. And in my previous life I lived in a kind of landscape like Tibet or Mongolia but with a  sea view. The most precious to me is my Moon Stone and I’m sure it came from that far outside. To be picked by me.

above all
in the heart of nature
a rugged rock

Carpe Diem: Universal Jane #9. Naked Rock.

My most dearest Moon Stone

8 kommentarer

  1. calls to one who listens
    lives as one with their lover

    So, Petra Domina my writing name, is the rock lady in Latin. Move several hundred pounds with us to Texas. Yes, they call our names and tell us where they want to live.


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