Green Tea – Ginkgo Biloba

A monk sips morning tea,
it’s quiet,

the chrysanthemum’s flowering.   © Matsuo Basho

my tea bowl
green like my tea – ginkgo
so soft and warm
Just now enjoying this lovely tea … after a dance evening … first performance I didn’t like very much. It was too odd. Too much of acrobatics, to little of dancing and more of experimental liftings and turn-arounds. And also some talking in Hungarian so I didn’t understand. No, I didn’t like Prospero. Not at all!
But the woman playing several instruments and also singing – was great!

Next is Bolero – I know I will like that one – because I love Bolero! This time Győri Balett Company. Thursday will bring this great event.

Ginkgo Biloba

Carpe Diem #1153 Raku, Japanese pottery.

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