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Bolero for Heart & Bath

Spotify has been very nice to me. I usually don’t like when things are made for me on Internet. I want to do myself! Presented music I listened to most during the 2016 in a special list. Now I was in a good mood and the bath tube was filled with hottest water so … I might as well listen when having my refreshing bath.

Turned on …. soft quiet tones …. ah Bolero … Perfect … I started to sneak into the very very very hot water. My nipples turned inwards in fright but I told them it was safe. Perfect music this Bolero I thought while feeling like a mermaid billowing my body like she would do. Following the music. Heavenly this and good for my back – the muscles. The only thing that differ me from a mermaid now is that I can spread out my legs.

I am moving to the music and enjoying heaven. In time exactly to the grand mighty final – the last seconds of Bolero – I drop my head into the water. Splash!

Now ready for next song and shampoo.

by soft pink rose petals
in life

Bolero is a favorit of all times! Combined with dance – ballet or contemporary – oh I can watch interminably. This year I have several times. I admire dancers ability to control their bodies – wow – performed art at highest level. They handle their bodies like a director his/her orchestra.

Maya Plisetskaija is also a favorit – she is a terrific ballet dancer – here choreographed in contemporary by another favorit Maurice Béjart.
Now listen and take your bath! Follow the music … enjoy!


I could go on writing about next …. but … maybe later … I got up to Zorba’s dance.


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