Day: 2017-01-16

With Power to Share

Today has been a dazing and shattering (hope I use correct words) day. Really! I am still a bit shaky about what I experienced.
I had some errands to do. Library for Basho poetry. To AF – Academic Society – to ask about The Debate taking place tomorrow. Oh how I enjoyed to walk in Lundagård – the park in where Lund University and the Cathedral are situated. I do love to have my heart in this city of old and new knowledge. To share myself between two gems – and

iPhoto - Lund University in Lundagård

While walking I lived in every breath. Satisfaction in every step until …

beside the pass-over
standing with most bowed back
tired and old
depending on rollator
I offered my help

… I met this old lady. Her body language spoke – ”need help” – so clear to me. She accepted my offer to help her cross the street. I stopped the rushing cars and we crossed. I couldn’t leave her there. Long story ….
So we spent 90 minutes together and what I experienced these minutes about old peoples life in our society …. I felt so sorry about her … I got so angry about the community … and not to talk about the transport service she called for to get home!!!!!

Above all this – it’s a cold late afternoon – she was marked of her reumatism – our long waiting for the transport service made it worse – and worse – long story – I also had to phone – twice ….

on my own ability
for now
with a strong stream in my spine
with power to share with you

… and I got a clear reminder about our fragility. For now I trust myself and I am thankful that depending on myself works. Also in humbly insight there will be a day when …
During the time we spent together I got to know Ulla. We both were happy to have met each other. At last the transport service came. And the driver were very kind and helpful. Which was a relief for me.

After waving them off – I went home – dazed and shattered in mind. Now sitting here – writing …

Tomorrow will be a day for ‘take action’ – depending on myself.

iPhoto - Lund C - Train Station

Carpe Diem: #1126 depend on yourself.

Första Minnet

Mitt första minne … eller … mitt tidigaste minne … det jag kommer ihåg som allra yngst … var när min lillasyster föddes. På den tiden fick bara förstföderskor föda på BB. Både jag och min lillasyster föddes hemma i vår bostad.

Jag var då tre år och förstod att något spännande skulle hända. Jag ville vara med och hängde därför precis utanför dörren till rummet där mamma låg. Försökte kika in genom nyckelhålet och försökte få en glimt när någon öppnade dörren. Jag fick ju inte gå in. Min storasyster hade fått i uppgift att få bort mig därifrån och sysselsätta mig. Hon var åtta år då. Det gick inte.

söndagen i juli
en liten flicka föddes
min lillasyster

Det bestämdes att pappa skulle ta min storasyster och mig ut till Evedal och bada.
Kvar var mamma och barnmorskan.
Sedan slutade minnet.

Vem som är den nyfödda lillasystern syns nog.

Vi tre systrar

Elder Sister, my Mother 80 this day, younger Sister and me

Skrivpuff: Första.

Diamonds for Truth and Secrets

Today I got a wonderful visit. My two granddaughters came around. I call them ”My GoldenHarts”. We spent all afternoon together and had what’s called ”quality time”. Chatting, laughing and also playing cards. I told them that playing with cards wasn’t allowed on Sundays when I was a child. I think they thought it was very odd. I thought so to at that time.
They also brought a gift for me …

my cards of tarot
diamonds for truth and secrets
a dear gift
from daughter to mother
some real goddesses

… from my youngest daughter.
Tarot cards …. a lot of them … about all kinds of Goddesses …
Now I have something to find out … on my Pilgrimage …

Goddess Tarot Cards

Carpe Diem: #1125 The Road to Santiago is part of the Tarot.