Day: 2017-01-30

All Winds – In Right Time

I picked two of my Tarot cards. The cards I got from my youngest daughter. About Goddesses. I wrote about them in the beginning of this pilgrimage.
Well now … thinking about ”arriving at the right moment” …. thinking more … cannot remind me any wrong moments arrival … so … in my mind … I arrive in the right moment … or if not … I probably make it right …

The Goddess of Sea and The Goddess of Love – were my two cards for today. Now I think about being The Eternal Minister of All Winds in The Royal Republic of Ladonia. All these titels arriving in my mind … maybe the right moment … or not … Do you know about Ladonia?

All Winds Ministry’s – declaration:

-“All Winds” is the predecessor to free movement everywhere and encourages all types of boundless movement – forward, backward, upward, downward, inward, outward, beyond, within, around, pirouettes, minuets, jumps, leaps and pas de deux. All Winds demonstrates how space is gained and free movement defended.-

… now … how to tie all together …

on pilgrimage
walking side by side with love
in all winds
from everywhere in right moment
touched by the sea and so trustful

… hope you enjoyed this odd read and I assure you – you arrived just in time – the right time!

Tarot Cards for Today - Goddesses of Sea and Love.

Carpe Diem: #1140 arriving at the right moment.