Day: 2017-01-23

Walking with Mosquitos

When I read about the struggle today I was reminded about my walk along Kungsleden in north of Sweden. It was 1968. We started in Abisko and passed our highest mountain Kebnekajse. So beautiful and so interesting. Most of all I remember the people we met. Some happy Austrian men in Tyroler lederhosen – drinking and singing, a bunch of young men we got a lot of fishes when fishing together and had a nice evening grilling and that lovely Danish young couple – they had brought tins with delicious food, crabs and things like that. Heavy to carry. We had army food in our backpack. Typical Danish – they like to enjoy life. I love that. Like ”You only live once”. And finally at Kebnekajse ….

along the road
so many refreshing souls
fresh trout and char
forgetting the struggle
to fully enjoy life

… we spent the night with an old mountain man in a little cabin. With a nice fireplace. He could tell me why my eyes were so swollen. And he gave me a good advice about mosquitos. Mosquitos love me – I hate them. It doesn’t help with garlic! But it helps with tar. I love tar! In summertimes I must have my tar cream – in case of mosquitos in a radius of several (Swedish) miles. It will keep them away.
I remember my uncle used tar (tjära) when a hen was hurt due to hacked in the back.

Tar cream - Tjärsalva - mot Mygg - fight Mosquitos

Carpe Diem: #1132 ‘The wrong answer will indicate the right one.’ (Petrus).