With Power to Share

Today has been a dazing and shattering (hope I use correct words) day. Really! I am still a bit shaky about what I experienced.
I had some errands to do. Library for Basho poetry. To AF – Academic Society – to ask about The Debate taking place tomorrow. Oh how I enjoyed to walk in Lundagård – the park in where Lund University and the Cathedral are situated. I do love to have my heart in this city of old and new knowledge. To share myself between two gems – Budapest.hu and Lund.se

iPhoto - Lund University in Lundagård

While walking I lived in every breath. Satisfaction in every step until …

beside the pass-over
standing with most bowed back
tired and old
depending on rollator
I offered my help

… I met this old lady. Her body language spoke – ”need help” – so clear to me. She accepted my offer to help her cross the street. I stopped the rushing cars and we crossed. I couldn’t leave her there. Long story ….
So we spent 90 minutes together and what I experienced these minutes about old peoples life in our society …. I felt so sorry about her … I got so angry about the community … and not to talk about the transport service she called for to get home!!!!!

Above all this – it’s a cold late afternoon – she was marked of her reumatism – our long waiting for the transport service made it worse – and worse – long story – I also had to phone – twice ….

on my own ability
for now
with a strong stream in my spine
with power to share with you

… and I got a clear reminder about our fragility. For now I trust myself and I am thankful that depending on myself works. Also in humbly insight there will be a day when …
During the time we spent together I got to know Ulla. We both were happy to have met each other. At last the transport service came. And the driver were very kind and helpful. Which was a relief for me.

After waving them off – I went home – dazed and shattered in mind. Now sitting here – writing …

Tomorrow will be a day for ‘take action’ – depending on myself.

iPhoto - Lund C - Train Station

Carpe Diem: #1126 depend on yourself.

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    1. Thank you! I appreciate very much your feedback and I see what you mean about the tankas 🙂
      Ps. sorry about late answer – due to comment found in spam box – I don’t know why.


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