Day: 2017-01-12

Yuxta Lives

This time here I haven’t given myself treatments I use to. Visiting the hairdresser, having manicure and pedicure, nice outdoor bath …. but today … soon before returning … I had pedicure. How nice to spoil myself and so good for my hard working feet. Soon I will leave all wonderful happenings behind … leave home here …

I’m happy
living in your longing thoughts
until next time
we will meet – soon enough
and share our yuxta lives

… to check out what’s going on at home there …
… to soon leave – home there – again behind …
… my yuxta lives …

Today I totally forgot to visit the Geisha exhibition – a ‘must’ to remember tomorrow!

Lund University, Sweden

Carpe Diem: #1122 leaving all behind.

Fragile Flatter

Thinking about … our world … happenings over there … conditions for children in our world … the limited life for many women …  in the world of ours …

that little glade
in the power of hurricane winds
fragile flutter

… it’s easy to fail in hope and not believe that there is a ….

…. S O M E D A Y!

Midsommer over in Sweden

Daily Prompt: Someday.

Away from All

Nu har Emma sannerligen kämpat några dagar. Känslostormar minst sagt. Inleddes ena dagen och full storm nästa för att tredje dagen lugnat ned sig. Emma pratade mycket med sig själv de tre dagarna.
Hon påbörjade ett ark för att rita upp strategier för olika situationer. Skrev ner svart på vitt vad det varsom störde henne så i livet. Påverkade sinnesstämningen. Vad hon vill. Vart hon vill komma. Få en bild att titta på. Som en karta för att hantera livet när det stormar. Hon tänkte ofta i haiku som sedan upprepades i hennes huvud gång på gång.

you meet
in no understanding
of me

Ibland visste Emma så väl. Ibland blev stormarna för starka. Men hon visste att hon inte skulle ge vika, för det hennes inre envist försökte hjälpa henne att fokusera på.

a road
away from all
of you


Skrivpuff: Ge vika.

In Contact

I love a blue sky and I love the sun. But not to sun bathe. On a beach. Not at all any more! I like to bathe in salt sea and I like to walk along the shore. And everywhere else. To explore the macro and micro world.

sunny sky
most tender balm for bodies
yours close to mine
both dressed in nature
the cosy bay style

In first read my tanka perhaps doesn’t give the impression of having with growth to do. But it is meant to. It’s harder – with lots of struggle – to grow by oneself – it’s possible of course. But so much easier to grow together with others …. I think.

in contact
like seed and raindrops
we grow deeper

Finally ….

…. I hope for a blue sky tomorrow.

Street Photo - Sunbathing

Carpe Diem: #1121 Growth.