Day: 2017-01-29

Most Best

Listening – so important! Not only the listening to other people which indeed is essential in communication. But also to your inner voice. This I have been very good at lately – but wasn’t before. Before I listened to everybody else’s inner (mostly not expressed in words) voices. That was then. While working. Now is ”after work” and I like that so much. Every age has been exciting and I have always liked the age I’m in. I love my grey hair and like it to shine just as much as when it was blond.
Back to ”listening” … I seem to flood outside subject …. and I seem to focus a lot about myself … perhaps it’s ok when on a pilgrimage … is it?
… so back to listening …

in wind’s melody
I can see all the flowers – dancing
to the voice of nature
the carol I feel – I am
most best listening to

… you know … I am an ”observer” … and I am … what Susan Cain call ”Quiet” … and above that – like spicing it up – I am very curious …
I am very busy being me … on my pilgrimage … and 24 hours ”After Work” … and I like it!
I ❤ it!

Ps. Sometimes I choose the wrong word. Like ‘quite’ in stead of ‘quiet’ …  it’s all about spelling … that English!

Crazy Art by me - Swinging my Life

Swinging while Listening.


Observing while Listening.

Carpe Diem: #1139 Listening.