Day: 2017-01-17

The Way you Live

Well well well … I don’t know what to say about this story! First I thought:

-Why all this about God and religion!? That’s not interesting at all! Just boring!

the way you live
your life will tell about your need
for penitence

Interesting is life and life philosophy! No need for a God!
It shouldn’t be … in the time we live …

I probably sound harsh and tough talking about religion … so destructive, suppressing and inhibitory to people. I’m sorry – I’m not humble in this issue 🙂

Blue Photo - Make a Wish in Igloo, Lund Sweden

Carpe Diem: #1127 penitence.

Make a Wish – Hang it in Tree

On the City Center square – called ”Stortorget” – an igloo was placed. With pink inviting light.Pink iPhoto - Igloo, Lund Sweden

The purpose was …

a piece of paper
to place some wishes – odd
dangling in trees

… let people write a wish on a paper and then hang it on a tree inside. Well what to say about this!

Pink iPhoto - Make a Wish in Igloo, Lund Sweden

Make a Wish – Hang it in Tree – Then WHAT!?

If it had been something for children I could think about it as creative. Now I only find it ridiculous and nothing the community should take time for or spend money on. Better to make the transport service to work for our old ones – thinking about yesterday.

Blue Photo - Igloo, Lund Sweden

Daily Prompt: Invitation.