Månad: februari 2017

Rose Spoke Poetry

roses of dreams
not only for buzzing bees
for me too

… popped up in my head on the way between Carpe Diem and B_ live. Now I see how wonderful that sounds. ”Seize the day & Be live”. Well, I was both live and alive in my lively head. No emptiness there.
But however I would very much like to praise emptiness. I find it a strong ‘existence’ – life philosophically. Also like ‘a must’ to reflect about.
I have some favorite words. One is ‘beyond’ and the others sound better in Swedish than in English – sorry for that. I even founded up a new – I think – English word to suit what I wanted to express. Favorit nr one is ‘annorlunda’ and in English it would be different or otherwise but they are absolutely to simple!!!! ‘Differwisely’ would be much better. I love ‘differwisely’ people! Have always done. They are fascinating and exciting. They have great and exciting minds. I get so curious. Watching from a distance or I involve. Depends on …

Why did I end up in my pearly words? …. searching for the thread … ah emptiness … I think ‘differwisely’ people sometimes/often feel emptiness … about the outside world … from the lack of understanding surrounding them. Never inside their minds. Some of them doesn’t bother at all. Some are just lost in our world.

people as poetry
when lines telling the story
about roses and thorns

When living in the Emirates I got to know a lot of people. Some Persian. One was a tennis player and he liked my way of swimming and wanted me to teach him to swim and he offered to teach me tennis. Another one was a film maker. He wanted me to see his film … I was so innocent and a naiv Swedish young woman at that time. I’m glad I got me out from that situation. I’m not stupid thanks … who should I thank when I have no god? My parents and my upbringings of course!

like a film
some in vivid colors – some black
with no roses

At that time I hadn’t discovered poetry.
Ha ha … now I remembered the surfer in Abu Dhabi … that was really a funny story … my son had to call for me … I disappeared out in the Arabian Sea … which Persians of course call Persian sea.

gems of sand
singing poetry – in sea
a rose listens

Don’t buy me red roses!
If roses – just
Rose roses.

Abu Dhabi
My son out teaching his dad how to surf.

Daughters in Persian - Arabian Sea
My daughters in Persian Sea.

Carpe Diem: #1165 Roses.

He was Outstanding

Will there ever be another conductor like him! No, of course not! He was just outstanding! He was one of the reason I started to enjoy classic music. How fascinated I became. Keeping the whole orchestra so strong in ones hands. Fantastic I thought and still think.

In Herbert von Karajan I also found that special sensitivity. I always look for that when it comes to artists of all kinds. Musicians as well as dancers.

Tonight at the premier of ”In our Past – We have the Present” and I met him. My – now – favorite choreographer. Actually he is the director. He was happy I came, he said, after the performance. Most happy I was – of course. How hard he had worked, I noticed. But now ”paid off” with ovations and applauds. He really has a wonderful dance group for his national dance theatre. I got three new favorites tonight. I had Alexandra (left) first and has still of course. She is also outstanding!

Favorite dancers - Budapest
My two favorite female dancers.

One more female dancer now and two male dancers. They have classic schooling – which I want for contemporary dancers. Otherwise it tends to be more gymnastic than dance. So many practicing classic dance and when they grow up they have ‘wrong’ body measures for classic dancers. Life is hard for them. Luckily they can have a career as contemporary dancers.



I Garderoben

-Oj! tänker jag när jag ser ‘olycka’ förknippat med ‘mormor’. Det vill jag verkligen inte skriva om. Då händer det säkert …

-Ja, så kan jag tänka. Det där med föraningar är inget kul. Detta vore liknande. Föraningar som slår in … föraningar man oftast inte vill ha.

Förresten har jag ju redan råkat ut för en olycka och nu är jag rädd och mycket försiktig i trappor. Tycker det är otäckt faktiskt – att gå i trappor numera. Inget kul alls. Det heller.

Om jag skulle komma ut ur garderoben … vad skulle det då gälla … det undrar jag också … vore spännande att veta … får stanna i den tills jag vet …

Liszt Academy, Bydapest
Kijarat = Exit

Jag är fortfarande inne i … 😉

Skrivpuff: Mormor, garderob, olycka – skriv om minst två.

Live and Die

tonight my skin
will miss the hot spring
it seems colder

My skin too …miss that hot spring … I would like to sit there with the Master of masters. Talking about experiencing nature – its inner scent. Talking the poetry language.

like the steam
from inner body of earth – onsen
lifts my soul

This is not at all hard to imagine for me. This is something I love to take time for. Both in Hungarian ‘onsen’ and in my bathtub. Probably I will not vist Japan but I probably will visit Iceland where also ‘onsen’ can be find.

mighty nature
mountains and valleys – healthy
liquid for pleasure

In Hungary I have been to many termal bath from Hévíz in the south to Salt Hill in the north. I also have them close here in Budapest.

Salt Hill, Hungary
Salt Hill Eger, Hungary 2010.

dressed by onsen
I’m completely in your care
the touch of you

…. I’m now floating away … this must be heaven … this is how I want to die … dressed in onsen.
But in fact I want to end up in the sea. Hopefully my children will burn me up and then poor me out in a streaming river close to the sea. Then I want them to have a fun party – thinking about how much I enjoyed life.

How odd thinking about death when it’s all about pleasure with onsen. But for me death isn’t odd at all. Of course you must talk about it! It’s natural – or you have to make it natural. My children know – so no problem. I will die some day. No problem!

Until then I’m busy living … very busy! Tonight I’ve had an awesome evening. Premier contemporary dance event. Cannot be better!

Salt Hill, Hungary
Salt Hill, Eger, Hungary 2010.

Carpe Diem #1164 Onsen the hot springs of Japan.

A Greater Wide

inner closest
center of everything – needs
a greater wide

This one I really like. It is exactly how everything works. Everywhere. For the flower. For my body. For the nature. For our earth. Universe.

And mind!!!!
NO religion is needed! Only a good portion of reason and an interest for science.


Daily Prompt: Center.

WORDS all gone

every word
now used and done – leaving
blank pages

Hemska tanke! Horrifying thought!
Empty lexicons …
… and I start thinking about old people … or perhaps even young ones … when suffering aphasia … as comparison …

every word
once was alive – vividly

Words … all consumed …

Words All Consumed - Only Pencils left

WORDS all gone – Only PENCILS left.

Skrivpuff: Förbrukad/Consumed.

Geisha – Not too Happy

Geisha, geiko or geigi are traditional Japanese female entertainers who act as hostesses and whose skills include performing various arts such as classical music, dance, games and conversation, mainly to entertain not only male customers but also female customers today.
Geisha, like all Japanese nouns, has no distinct singular or plural variants. The word consists of two kanji, 芸 (gei) meaning ”art” and 者 (sha) meaning ”person” or ”doer”. The most literal translation of geisha into English would be ”artist”, ”performing artist”, or ”artisan.”
A male geisha is called Taikomochi.

silent approach
geisha in modest movements
sends scent of lily

Last time in Budapest I went to an exhibition about geisha. I saw many beautiful things from Japan. Sadly I wasn’t allowed to take photos.
Today I went to the castle area on Buda Hills. So nice weather. I walked along both east and west side. On west side the sun prepared for sunset …

in purple blue sky
wanting you so much – to
walk by my side

… it was that kind of atmosphere … poetry popping up in my head … thoughts insisting on attention … in league with my fantasy …

Walking and talking. We would have a great time. I would struggle with my English. Being inspired by your way of using words in your poetic way. We would talk about life, places we have visited – wanting to visit, life philosophy, humanity in the world – the lack of humanity …

our breathing
same air under lasting sun – moment
awaiting the kiss

Then a Miniatyr Schnauzer – pepper and salt – caught my attention. So cute – szép, I said to it’s mother. She looked happy. We talked a little. The dog was a bit worried. Looking after the dad all the time, she said.
Then I spoke to some American turists because they thought – the smart crows solving a problem together in a wastebasket – were ravens. I wouldn’t let them go on thinking that so I told them it was crows. And we talked about how smart some birds can be. Even they can learn about traffic lights.

Now I feel almost like I have practiced the geisha role. Being entertaining a little … so I decided I was worth a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream.
Off I went to Anna café, Váci utca to watch people pass.

a lonely bird
searching for the flock
topped with cream

… and you know what!
The male servant – the Taikomochi – failed. Only milk foam.
He forgot the whipped cream!

Hot Chocolate with foam - NO whipped Cream.

Geisha left … not too happy … 😉 …

….. went off with a smile … of course!


Carpe Diem #1163 geisha, the beauty of Japan.

Inte så Tänd på

Nu precis när jag läste utmaningen ”turas om” tänkte jag …

-Går det att turas om med sig själ?
-Hur går det i så fall till?

… allting går ju … bara man är tillräckligt fantasifull … vill jag tro … och leva efter …

Om jag till exempel måste städa och samtidigt har en spännande bok som vill bli läst … då kan jag turas om med mig själv …

Med mitt inre borde – städa … och mitt fria (lust) bejakande – läsa  …

Fast egentligen är jag nog inte så tänd på att turas om med mig – bara med den ena delen i så fall.

me - some years ago

Skrivpuff: Turas om.

Wild – C’est la Vie

Today I have had a ‘free’ day. Nothing at all in my schedule. I love these days too. No problem to fill them. I take it slow and easy. Today I slept … well I wont tell you how long! Then I had my brunch with black coffee, seed crackers and goat cheese. Did some ‘musts’ and many more ‘lusts’.

At last I understood it was time for a hot bath. Sadly it wasn’t as hot as I wanted. Have to speak to the machine a bit more determined. Trying very hard to understand it after new circulation pump.

Put on an old list on Spotify. Didn’t get inspired – the three first tunes were oldies now boring – but then it happened …

tricky old
tapping on my heart – release
hips in rhythm

This old heart of mine with Rod Stewart version with Ronny Wood. Now I’m in right mood. Then Sonny & Cher perfect for the mermaid. Every inch of the body wants to have a work through. Especially in hot water. Soft light. Today with a cup of tea. And my music.

In Bathtub

My kind of work ut.

kissing ‘n hugging
all that a body wants
you must give

Ha ha … Chuck wants to cheer me up. He knows exactly how to do it!

swinging the best
all times – c’est la vie – now
being a teen again

I’m working and swaying – feeling my best – mind and body totally free. Lost and happy. Free and flying. My thoughts are my surfing boards.

finding that special
wave in mind to jump on board
riding the other waves

What can I say more … breathe … Every Breath you Take … breathe … surf and breathe …

in the right age
just in the right time
waiting – for you

I’m ready …

I grab the plug … and let the water out … and …

no – not now
the hand shower went wild
simply the best

Now I die … totally wild too … thinking about one of my favorit dancer – Clare Turton (short dark hair) – dancing in Tinas show. She is just …. I die again …  wildest ever … Live version … of course! (Clare Turton not in this version.)