Day: 2017-01-07

Time is Perfect!

En viss förvirring uppstod medan jag var koncentrerad med kameran och han precis …

bumped into
the focus of my canon
I shot y o u
-with the dark slanted eyes-
and drowned in your arms

… och han frågade:

-Would you like to have a cup of tea with me?

-Time is perfect for a cup of tea – with you!

… svarade jag och lyckades trassla loss kameran …

… från hans arm.

Crazy Art by me - Time for Tea! Where to?

Skrivpuff: Förvirring.

In the Stream – A Dedication

Sometimes I look up the words. To see what different meanings it can have. When I read about ”specific” …. well …

particular, specified, fixed, set, determined, distinct, definite, single, individual, ….

determined, specific, definite, particular, fixed, given

Individual, private, unadopted, separate, specific, personal

… it could be me ….
… some of the characters just on the point … ha ha …
… some lacking too …

Then I saw what Eddaz had written .. specifics about the man with M (= the man with a uppercase M = a very special one, it’s an expression in Sweden)… to spend the life together with …

Then I turned the perspective – in my mind – and thought …

-What would and should a man appreciate about me – the man with uppercase M!?

Like the pope said when he visited Sweden last summer – he had heard about the strong Swedish women and that Swedish men – therefor – look for women abroad … ha ha … they have problem with the strong ones …

So it has to be a man who is …  really … interesting, broadminded, humble and strong, caring and loving, creative ….. like me … ha ha …

I thought I hade such a man … but after 45 years it turned out … thinking about the pope now … I was mistaken …

As I said before – I love interesting people! Creative people!

in the stream
like two flakes of ice
over each other and for a moment
melting together

A dedication to extra ordinary men – those I have met and these I will meet …

The Danube in ice - Budapest