No poem popped up today. Nor when I took my bath neither during my long walk. I miss that because it’s so funny when they are popping. I also missed the film shooting outside the Opera today. I was too late. Had spent too much time indoors. The cold bite my cheeks. I don’t like!  Not anymore! I have done that stuff enough. The cold things like figure skating and skiing. Now I only want warm weather and blue sky. Longing so much after early spring in Budapest. All my journeys are booked. Going back this week and coming back in February. Back there and back here. Home there and ‘home’ here.

hit by memory
and the magnolia blossom was stuck
to my chest

A poem did pop up! I almost forgot. Walking along the Danube today I thought about spring and the lovely flowering Magnolia trees outside Vigadó. I use to take photos of them.
Now quickly rushing into my files … to prove that I don’t lie …

The first here from 2015 -03- 26.

64/5000 a pink arrow hit and the blooming magnolia attached on my chest
This one from 2016-04-03 … and the same tree.

64/5000 a pink arrow hit and the blooming magnolia attached on my chest

… I am an honest one … for sure!

Ah … that blue shiny sky … and spring … less clothes … soon!

“Everything in nature invites us constantly to be what we are.”
Gretel Ehrlich.

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